Zephyr is a comprehensive database of deal information, and it's updated hourly. Zephyr is one of a range of solutions offered by Bureau van Dijk Company for corporate finance research.

Zephyr currently has information on over 1.8 million deals and rumours with over 150,000 being added annually. Zephyr contains information on M&A, IPO, private equity and venture capital deals and rumours and has special aspects:

  • Unrivalled coverage - more details are being added
  • Bespoke editorial - Zephyr's team of journalists brings its views on the latest rumours
  • End user designed access - Zephyr has an access designed for desktop access based on typical end user queries
  • Translated intelligence - all deal information is translated into English. Zephyr's UK-based researchers speak over 45 languages.
  • Integrated financials - Zephyr includes financial summaries, structures on companies involved in deals and links to the detailed financial data on Bureau van Dijk's company information products
  • Flexible alerts - intelligent alerts can track deals for you
  • League tables - you can use wizards to create tables quickly or tailored options to create your own more sophisticated versions.
  • Additional sources including EBAN - the European Business Angel Network submits deals funded by business angels and seed funds for inclusion in Zephyr.


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