An integrated database focusing on financial and stock data. The data cover the whole range of stock, fund, bond, foreign currency, insurance, futures, and financial derivatives as well as spot transactions, and financial news.

COLLECTIONS: database is based on the powerful financial database WindDB, which can provide the market data and information of the domestic finance and stock market and the related data analysis tools. Every day, it provides nearly 1000 pieces of the current finance news and all kinds of finance and stock laws since the domestic stock market set up. The fields of its information cover Market, Stock, Fund, Bond, Indices, Nobel Metal and News Bulletin.

UPDATE : Update instantly



Launch the "Wind.NET Information Terminal" on the desktop, the fill in the active window with Username and Password; after clicking "Log In" button, you can see the main platform of the program.


Input the category code or the first letter of PinYin in the active window, then you can find the category information you want according to the help info provided by the keyboard fairy. And you can see the market price of this category by clicking Enter.


Tick the range you want to choose in "Range" area;
Find the data index in "Index" area, and then double click it;
Click "Pick-up Data" button to pick up the data;
Click "Output to Excel" button, which can help to output the pick-upped data to Excel file.

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