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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Welcome aboard, FMBA 2015!

The newest batch of rising stars in China’s finance sector is just beginning their journey in CEIBS’ Part-time Finance MBA Programme. Some are looking to bolster their finance and management knowledge in a more systematic way, while others are looking to hone their competitive edge and stay abreast of the latest developments in the sector. Here is a look at a few members of the FMBA 2015 cohort:

Ms. Fang Xiaohua, General Manager, Investment Banking, China CITIC Bank Jiaxing Branch
Though she didn’t know much about finance when she first joined CITIC Bank, Ms. Fang Xiaohua managed to quickly climb the corporate ladder and became the youngest department manager at CITIC. Eager to keep her team ahead of its competitors, Fang is joining CEIBS in order to study the latest in financial theories and best practices from leading academics and practitioners in the field.

Mr. Feng Zhixin, Department Manager, Anxin Trust 
Mr. FengZhixin rose from being a regular employee to CFO in just four years, then quit his job to join and accounting firm. He later joined Anxin Trust, and is joining CEIBS in order to improve his command of finance knowledge and develop solutions to some of the challenges he is facing on the job.

Ms Yang Kun, Vice President, GoldStone Investment
Ms. Yang began her finance career as a stock analyst at Morgan Stanley. After two years she moved to a private equity fund company that specializes in cross-border transactions, and then four years later she joined Gold CITIC. With competition in the sector increasingly fierce, she is joining CEIBS to improve her innovation capabilities and her skills in both finance and management.

Mr. Wang Kelin, Cost Transformation Project Manager, Schlumberger
Prior to joining CEIBS Mr. Wang Kelin has had a colourful life. He has travelled to many places around the world, including England, Algeria, Yemen and Thailand, and he once worked in wireline logging. Attracted by CEIBS’ financial depth and managerial breadth, he is looking forward to study finance in a more systematical way at CEIBS.

Ms. Liu Xiaoli, Key Account Senior Manager, Product Division, ICBC
After years of practicing medicine, Ms. Liu Xiaoli decided to switch careers and work in the finance industry. She has previously worked in foreign banks, and is currently at ICBC. Her ultimate career goal is to be a wealth management advisor in private banking. At CEIBS she looks forward to developing new skills and knowledge, working with her classmates, and is also hoping to gain a clearer understanding of herself.

Ms. Lu Ling, CFO, Finance Planning & Analysis, yhd.com
Ms. Lu Ling’s career in finance spans more than a decade and includes jobs at accounting firms, and at L’Oreal and most recently the Chinese online grocery provider yhd.com. Despite her many years of experience, with every job change she finds there is much new to learn. Her drive for self-improvement is what led her to CEIBS, where she hopes to develop tool help her face the challenges of managing a fast-growing company.

Mr. Xie Xing, Department Manager, Haitong Innovation Capital Management
An 18-year veteran of the finance industry, Mr. Xie Xing has worked for both foreign banks and securities firms. Looking to further boost his career he has joined CEIBS in order to further increase his knowledge and his network.