In this episode, three foreigners (or ‘laowais’) with extensive work experience in China share funny stories, insights and advice for others venturing into the sometimes frustrating, sometimes endearing Middle Kingdom. Meet Camilo Cadena (a Colombian in China for 4 years), Amanda Pawlowski (an American going into her 9th year in China), and Andrei Naumovich (a completely ‘Chinese-fied’ Russian with a whopping 15 years in China!). Follow host Jason Zhu Cong as he asks them about their roller-coaster journeys and their reasons for still choosing CEIBS’ “China Depth, Global Breadth.”

Host: Jason Zhu Cong
Guests: Amanda Pawlowski, Andrei Naumovich, Camilo Cadena
Editors: Sabine Neuhaus, Karen Xi
Podcast Creator: Sabine Neuhaus
Podcast Producers/Editors: Sabine Neuhaus, Karen Xi
Podcast Support Team: Agnes Wen, Cheryl Yang, Dusan Kladar, Eleni Petri, Jason Shen, Jason Zhu Cong, Nelson Ureña
Podcast Artwork: Karen Xi
Podcast Sponsor: CEIBS MBA Office (with special thanks to James Kent and Marius Ziubrys)

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