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Vault will be the indispensable provider of information and solutions for professionals and students who are pursuing and managing high-potential careers.

“Career Insider”, powered by Vault, is designed for students and professionals to search, seek, find, evaluate and land the best job in any economy.


Choose “Vault Online Career Library” under the “Resources Databases” section from the library's homepage.
Please first use your valid email address to create an account on the lower right side of Vault's homepage.
On the homepage, you can search companies by name, industry, and location to view the profiles, or directly view the featured employers.
You may also search industries to get industry overview and career helps, or search professions to get job view and advice.
Besides, Vault gives you some useful Career Advice, also Resume and Cover Letters Advice.
There is another quick search method. Please find the search box on the upper right side of Vault's home-page. Please select searching in the entire site, companies, industries, or professions.