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Sharing Economy

Volume 1, 2017

For those whose ultimate dream is to be unencumbered by mortgage payments and China’s sky-high car license plate fees, but still have access to the best homes and cars their budget can cover, this is the perfect time to be alive. Today, it’s all about sharing. So consumers, especially the younger generation, scour Airbnb and Xiaozhu.com for the best apartments they can call home while vacationing anywhere in the world – or just to get a change of scenery for a few days. Depending on the size of their purses and the distance they have to cover, they rely on mobike, Uber or Car2Share to get around town. They gleefully use all these resources that are often just an App away, then leave them without so much as a backward glance as they move on to the next “goodie” to be consumed.

In this Cover Story, five CEIBS faculty explore The Sharing Economy Revolution and the impact it is having on our everyday lives. They also touch on the issue of just what constitutes the sharing economy, a long-running debate that has intensified over the years.

Prof Lin Chen also looks at Why Mobike is a Hit; and we bring you A Case Study on the Sharing Economy with some of the main players behind Xiaozhu.com (similar to Airbnb) explaining how they solved the challenges faced when building both sides of their platform.  There is also an interview with professional services platform ZBJ.com Founder Zhu Mingyue who tells us what the sharing economy means to him. The section wraps up with excerpts from a China Entrepreneurs Seminar where four rising stars of China's sharing economy offer advice on succeeding.