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Research Assistant / Fellow Positions Openings

CEIBS employs over fifty full-time and part-time research assistants and research fellows who work with CEIBS faculty on important projects. All have bachelors degrees, most have masters degrees or doctorates, compensation is adjusted accordingly.

CEIBS is always looking to hire smart, energetic RAs. While each faculty member's RA skill-set requirements will vary, our professors are usually looking for one of two types of RA:

1. Field research RAs: focus on developing field-based case studies with companies. These RAs must be business-oriented with some experience working in a business environment. They should have excellent oral and written communications skills and be able to interact professionally with senior business executives. Most coauthor case studies with their faculty supervisors and then take jobs in industry or enrol in MBA programs.

2. Desk research RAs: assist faculty in quantitative/qualitative research studies. They are usually involved in literature searches, empirical data collection (through surveys or experiments) and data analysis. Once they prove themselves, they may be invited by faculty to coauthor papers submitted to academic journals. Some will go on from CEIBS to apply for international or domestic PhD programs.

Find RA positions on www.51job.com or www.liepin.com. You may submit your CV to fdavid@ceibs.edu (please specify your applied position in the Email) even if there is no current opening that matches your profile, as new positions open up throughout the year.