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When the World is your Oyster

Volume 4, 2016

By Lei Na

With the start of each new semester of the CEIBS MBA programme, as I stroll around the school’s Hongfeng Road campus, I am always gripped by the feeling that I’m somewhere else. The invigorating fragrance from Osmanthus plants sprinkled across the campus is the perfect backdrop as I look around at what appears to be a miniature of the United Nations: eager young faces, each with its own subtle cultural variations. The ‘newbies’ have arrived, bringing with them a palpable ‘breath of fresh air’, a feeling of excitement.

How have their myriad cultural backgrounds and life experiences shaped these young people who are determined to excel in the business world? This is the topic being explored in this section of the Cover Story. We introduce you to Go Nakanishi who was born in Paris, grew up in Japan, went to college in Sydney, and now sees China as the best country for entrepreneurship. He wants to be a bridge between Japanese technology companies and the Chinese market. Then there is Dmitriy Likhachev, whose past roles include being an industrial thermal engineer in Russia and a teacher at Zhejiang University (after getting a PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology). He now sees China as his second home.

Meanwhile Australian Dwight van Diem, with an enviable investment banking background under his belt, is still looking forward to rekindling his engineering career so he can create something tangible, something that he can be proud of. In contrast, Korean Yoonhee Lee knows exactly what he will be doing after his MBA, which is being funded courtesy of a scholarship from the Samsung Group. He believes he will spend his entire professional life at the company as South Koreans often remain with one organisation for their entire career, unlike China where job-hopping is the norm. Constant motion is familiar territory for Chinese national Luo Hao. He used to be responsible for financial affairs at the rail transport manufacturer Alstom. But after traveling to 25 countries, he hopes to break into the tourism and leisure industry where his passion for seeing the world and the management knowledge he will learn at CEIBS can complement each other.

These are just some of the 191 students from the MBA Class of 2018. When such a diverse group of young people come together, what are the inspirational moments that will follow and how will this impact the future business community? I can’t wait to see what happens. For now, read on for more about these fascinating individuals in: 

-  Building Bridges: featuring Go Nakanishi from Japan, Dwight van Diem from Australia, Dmitriy Likhachev from Russia, and Yoonhee Lee from South Korea;
-  Liao Bin’s Days at Huawei Brazil;
-  Luo Hao: A Knack for Low Cost Travel; and
-  Fang Lv: Experiencing Dubai.