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The MBA Issue

Volume 4, 2016

CEIBS is known for the quality of its students and this year’s MBA Class of 2018 does not disappoint!

In this Cover Story, we introduce you to a few of the impressive personalities from the class who make us here at TheLink wish we were studying alongside them. This year, we buck the b-school trend with 45% of the 191-member class being women so of course we had to take a deep dive into that topic. We also have quite a bit of students who have either been entrepreneurs themselves or have facilitated start-ups as venture capitalists. Some have done both! 

Another very noticeable thing about the MBA Class of 2018: their global footprint! So we look at all the Chinese students who had already racked up experience abroad before they joined us, as well as the foreigners who are already China hands. We’ve been impressed by the batch. They do justice to those that came before them and set a high bar for those who will come after. Fun fact: this class includes 10 marathon runners, six experienced debaters, two poets, a piano tuner and a Warner Brothers-signed lyricist. We’re so very pleased to introduce you to the MBA Class of 2018, through the stories of just a few of the amazing participants. Read on for more in:

-  Start-up Lessons
-  Who Run the World? Girls!
-  When the World is your Oyster.


MBA 2018 Fast Facts

• Overseas  36% (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
• International  28% 
• Female  45% (historic high)
• Average Age  29
• Average Work Experience  5.7
• Average GMAT 688
• Country coverage  21
• Top four industries: Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Consulting
• Top four functions: Finance/accounting, General management, Marketing/Sales, Consulting
• Previous employers include: Accenture, Alibaba, Bayer, CICC, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Huawei, Infosys, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, PwC, Qualcomm, Roche, Samsung, Tencent, etc.