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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CEIBS eLab Welcomes MBA 2018 Entrepreneurs

August 16, 2016. Shanghai – CEIBS eLab opened its doors to the new MBA Class of 2018 for a Welcome Ceremony today, during which students toured the facility and heard from faculty about the eLab bootcamp, lectures, and other resources that the school makes available for student and alumni entrepreneurs.    

Though nearly 25 percent of the new MBA cohort already has prior entrepreneurship experience, in his remarks to the group, Professor of Entrepreneurship Ramakrishna Velamuri reminded everyone that an entrepreneurial mind-set also goes a long way within MNC environments; everyone can learn valuable takeaways from the the eLab boot camp and entrepreneurship lectures regardless of their future career direction.

The CEIBS eLab is a platform for students and alumni to share ideas while learning how to overcome some of the barriers that can stand in the way of launching a successful business venture. Current Captain of the eLab, MBA2017 student Michael Tang, shared the humble origins of the space with the new cohort. “What started out as a small office in the canteen is now a world-class venue with a dedicated space on campus,” he said.  “To date the eLab has supported over 50 ventures along with hosting specialised lectures and boot camps, but the Class of MBA2018 will be the very first to benefit from the venue for the duration of their MBA studies.”

Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy Shameen Prashantham shared some practical entrepreneurship examples with the group, along with an anecdote about a company visit to Microsoft’s Accelerator, where he noticed that a number of start-up desks had Apple computers. “When I queried the Accelerator Director on the use of Apple kit, he said it is the only part of the Microsoft Empire where it is allowed, as they want to be completely open-minded when seeking to attract the brightest and best start-ups,” he said. “The point to this is the lesson that entrepreneurship transcends ‘business as usual’.”

“Take on new challenges and never look back in life,” were among the words of advice that MBA Programme Director Prof. Chen Shimin offered in his address at the event. Once everyone finished exploring the eLab facilities, the group joined faculty and staff for a cocktail party where they continued sharing new venture ideas and experiences from their first weeks of their MBA journey at CEIBS.

Raghev Kansal MBA2018
Janine M. Coughlin