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Shanghai Qingpu


The CEIBS Alumni Shanghai Chapter (Qingpu District) was established on April 9, 2016. It has 160 registered alumni who come from leading local companies in such areas as advanced manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, financial investment, and e-commerce.

President: Xie Songfeng
Vice Presidents: Wu Huailei and Huang Hesheng
Secretary-General: Ji Jiangang
Vice Secretaries-General: Zhang Di, Tan Xia, and Zhang Lin
Council members: Chen Gang, Du Yingying, Ji Binwei, Ouyang Qiaoqing, Wang Yuyun, Wang Xun, Zheng Zhonglin, Zhang Xiangdong, and Huang Yanda

With consistent support from the Qingpu government, CEIBS, and CEIBS alumni, the Qingpu Chapter will continue to serve Qingpu alumni as a platform for sharing and win-win co-operation.