Janelle CHEN


Industry: Manufacturing

Function: Research & Development

After gaining her Master's Degree of Engineering, Janelle worked in Motorola Mobility for three years, and obtained solid technical development and project management background in the smart phone industry. Then she joined Ford Motor Company to work in a newly-founded cross-industry telematics department for four years. Her major duty covered business development, product design and launch, ecosystem deployment, marketing communication, product promotion, media events and PR announcements as the role of Advanced Product Management Supervisor. Surfing at the cross point of the traditional automotive industry and the emerging mobile industry, she absorbed the spirits of both the prudence from manufacturing and the innovation from the mobile intelligence. Besides daily work, she is a member of OpenCarLab, an NGO of open-source vehicle platform.

For broadening horizons and also personal interest, Janelle learned financial analysis on her own, and got Securities Practitioner Qualification Certificate. In the spare time, she enjoys travelling and photography.