Molly GENG

Industry: Consulting
Function: Consulting - Strategic Planning

Molly was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics in 2012. Before her graduation, she worked as an intern for General Motor China, Roland Berger and Millward Brown.

Upon graduation, Molly joined Accenture as a business consultant. She has received a special award from Great China Vice President for her contribution to her projects. During her four years with Accenture, she grew from a fresh graduate to a trusted advisor who can take charge of a sub team, delivering quality work to clients. Thanks to that, Molly had many chances to look at various business growth problems from a strategic perspective.

Molly wants to utilize her expertise to help various organizations, especially in the health industry to provide better health care for all people. She believes what makes people stand out are the ability to rise to challenges they' ve never faced, the courage to confront difficulties while others turn away, and the persistency to tackle one problem at a time until the goal is reached. Molly is a big fan of art and has over 10 years of painting training experience. She is also an amateur barista and science fiction film enthuaist.