Becca ZHAO

Industry: Consumer Products
Function: General Management - Project Management

Lili Zhao (Becca), born in Kunming, Yunnan Province. She joined the BGI Group after graduating from university, and was responsible for the development and marketing of agricultural products on the microbial platform of Agricultural Science and Technology Department. Confronted with a great entrepreneurial opportunity, she came back to Kunming, and joined (an OAO platform mainly sells mobile digital products) as the chief director of enterprise innovation programs. Taking charge of incubator projects "" and "9-electric bicycle", she succeeded in bring the brands and products to the market and did well in management and operation. Later Becca was promoted to CEO assistant and took the responsibility to manage the routine operation of the enterprise. She led a team to accomplish the upgrade of 9ji's brand, and improved the transformation efficiency of the enterprise operating system. Finally, the enterprise operating costs were reduced to 7%.