Liya LI

Industry: Technology
Function: Information Technology

Born in Shaanxi province of China, Liya grew up in Henan. In 2009, She came to Shanghai to study in Tongji University, and graduated with bachelor degree in software engineering four years later.

After graduation, Liya joined SAP as software engineer. In SAP, she spent 5 years in business intelligence (including one-year internship in the fourth year in college), majored in data modeling used for business analysis, acting as lead in the field of data modeling. She has strong enthusiasm for new technology, especially for machine learning in AI. She also would like to have further investigation and discussion with classmates about AI.

In the summer of 2016, Liya worked as volunteer in Ningxia Province, to support the teaching activities organized by Yao Foundation, spent 2 weeks with students from hope primary school around China. Liya enjoys rope skipping, she is also an amateur player of table tennis and badminton.