Doohyun LEE

Republic of Korea
Industry: Consulting
Function: Marketing/Sales

Doohyun was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. Now in Shanghai, Doohyun worked for Amaris, a Swiss engineering consulting company in Shanghai, as a senior business development manager mainly responsible for business development, project management, recruitment, and profit & loss management.
Upon high school graduation in Seoul, Doohyun went to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore USA to pursue bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Later, Doohyun joined an international power plant design firm called Burns and Roe in New Jersey, USA as a mechanical engineer. After Burns and Roe, Doohyun went back to Johns Hopkins University for his master's degree in mechanical engineering. Doohyun designed and manufactured various medical devices and performed clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Hospital. After returning to Korea, Doohyun joined Seyeong NDC as a senior mechanical engineer. Doohyun later promoted as a project manager leading around 40 team members and managing a budget of close to $10M+ project – Radiation Monitoring System for UAE nuclear power plant.
In 2014, a red book called "Don't go to Harvard university, Go to Beijing University" made Doohyun to start his journey in China. Doohyun loves challenges, always strives for aspirations, explores new things, and has "Nothing is impossible" mindset.