Ankue Rajadhyaksha

United Kingdom
Function: Consulting

Ankur was born and brought up in London and gained a degree in Politics at the University of Southampton. During the Summer of 2007, Ankur completed an internship at ABN Amro's Wealth Management division in Mumbai at what was quite an exciting time for Financial Markets. Following his graduation, Ankur joined IBM in 2008 as a Financial Management Consultant, where he has worked for almost 10 years. He recently spent three years working in Israel for a large pharmaceutical client. Ankur has been involved in managing and structuring the financials for large scale technology transformation projects. More recently Ankur has worked with clients helping them to re-design their financial processes and achieve synergies and savings across their organisation.
During his spare time, Ankur can be found eating or drinking with friends, and enjoying an animated discussion on the latest developments in the Football League tables or Brexit negotiations. He is also a keen language learner, learning Spanish and Chinese in his spare time, although he admits to having yet to achieve proficiency in either language.