Ningbo China Module: Family Business and Succession

Message from Module Leader
“The Ningbo China Module is an experiential learning opportunity designed to address issues related to family business: succession, transformation, intergenerational communication, conflict, family governance and family wealth management. Given the impressive number of high-profile family businesses that have developed in Ningbo, the module leveraged the CEIBS Real Situation Learning Method™ (RSLM), combined with a series of lectures, company visits and role plays, to support MBAs planning to one day take over the family business.”

Dr. Jean Lee, Professor of Management, Co-Director, Centre for Family Heritage, CEIBS

Agenda of a Recent Module

Day One & Two: Family Business and Succession

  • Visit and discussion with Board Chairman of Huamao Group, an educational goods developer
  • Visit and discussion with Chairman of Fotile Group, a manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances
  • Case discussion on succession planning and transformation

MBAs had an in-depth visit to two of Ningbo’s most successful family businesses to learn about how first and second generations approach complex issues such as how to manage transitions, cultivate family talent and balance family tradition with innovation for long-term prosperity.

Days Three & Four: Family Wealth and Governance

  • Class discussion with guest speakers on planning for business continuity and PE investment.  Finance, wealth preservation and appreciation were also reviewed
  • Role play scenarios to illustrate family dynamics and facilitate creative problem solving

How should family wealth be passed down and governed? How should family businesses work with outside professionals? These were just two questions explored in the classroom at CEIBS Shanghai Campus, covering topics such as equity, investment and wealth management. 


“I really enjoyed the Ningbo China Module. It was the best experience I’ve had at CEIBS outside of the classroom. The company visits and talks with executives deepened my understanding of family succession and business transformation issues.  I will definitely apply what I learned to my personal situation. The strong sense of family tradition and spirit of commitment demonstrated by each generation of the families we met left a lasting impression on me.” Chloe Li MBA 2019

“The Ningbo China Module was a truly valuable experience for me to thoroughly explore the family business succession journey. However, what impressed me the most was the transformation achieved by the first and second generations of entrepreneurs. I came away with an understanding that a spirit of resilience and commitment to family values are crucial for success in China.” Janice Kuo MBA 2019