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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CEIBS eLab Hosts 2017 Annual Awards

May 31, 2017. Shanghai – It takes a lot to provide just the right amount of hands-on support needed to nurture the dreams of those with entrepreneurial aspirations. So today, the CEIBS eLab service team and others who have contributed to the incubator’s success were singled out for special recognition. The event was the CEIBS eLab’s Annual Awards which recognised the hard work put in by members of the MBA Class of 2018 and the school’s faculty.

“One of my proudest accomplishments was initiating the CEIBS eLab,” said Associate Dean and MBA Programme Director, Professor Chen Shimin as he welcomed those that turned out for the awards ceremony. “Entrepreneurship clubs have always been popular among our students, but until eLab began we had no incubator. The eLab has played a major role in helping our students realise their entrepreneurial dreams.”

During the ceremony, four MBA students – Timothy Chang, Josephine Duan, Ariel Jin and Chicco Tseng – received awards for their dedication to the eLab. The ‘Best Team’ award went to the members of team CFA: Chicco Tseng, Flavia Zhong and Arkham Gan. Meanwhile four students – Will Choi, Sisi Ji, Bin Liao and Lyn Wang – received honourable mentions for their contributions to the community.

“The eLab is an incubator, but it’s also a start-up itself,” CEIBS eLab Captain, Flavia Zhong, noted in her closing speech. “The lab is hardly perfect. Nevertheless, it has been a source of many learning experiences for me and the entire service team.”

Next August, the CEIBS eLab will launch its new MBA Entrepreneurship Investment Camp. The new programme, an upgrade from the previous MBA Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, will offer content that is beneficial not only to entrepreneurial hopefuls but also to future investors and innovators. The new camp will have 12 lecture sessions. Applications will open on June 20, 2017 and an information session for MBA 2019 candidates will be held on August 11, 2017 at CEIBS Shanghai Campus. 

Josephine Duan
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