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Friday, March 3, 2017

Greed vs. Fear: How to Partner with Investors

- CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session 12

March 3, 2017. Shanghai – The practical aspects of how young entrepreneurs should work with investors was the focus of a talk by CEO and Chairman of Xcelerate San Eng at the twelfth and final CEIBS eLab Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Session held today on the Shanghai Campus. Eng is noted for his investment acumen and his company specializes in lifestyle technology and real estate.

In his talk, titled “Greed vs. Fear”, Eng outlined the step-by-step process for pitching a business model to investors, building strategic relationships, and negotiating the term-sheet. He warned participants that investors may sometimes feign interest in a startup, and offer a term sheet just to secure their exclusive rights to access and evaluate the company, but have no real interest in making an investment.

“Timing is everything, especially in investing,” Eng said. “Funding has been very hot in China in the past few years, but having an investor look at your business plan and signing a non-disclosure agreement does not necessarily mean they like you. They might just be learning about your industry and about your business model.”

In a complex ecosystem where everyone is trying to make money, it falls on the entrepreneur to do the due diligence and ensure that their investors can become real business partners, rather than merely providing a cash infusion.  

Timothy Chang
Janine M. Coughlin