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Friday, October 14, 2016

Session 2.e-Lab Boot camp

During the second session of Chinese Europe International Business School’s eLab Boot Camp, entrepreneur and co-founder of Sina.com, Albert Yan, shared about his experiences with Batch 18’s entrepreneur-hopefuls.

Tracing his path from working on the first personal computer at Hewlett Packard to selling rugs in South Africa, Yan discussed the importance of leveraging strategic relationships as the key to eventually succeeding in his entrepreneurial pursuits with Sina.com.  

“Whenever a vendor or customer needs something, Yan said, “try to be the first person that comes to their minds.” In addition, Yan stressed the importance of building a team with the right individuals so as to make the most of all opportunities. 

Of course, building the right team required making many difficult decisions that ended up dictating the success of Sina.com. As Yan shared, at the time of Sina.com’s inception, China’s internet market had yet to be fully broken into. Yan and his partners had to navigate takeovers, mergers, and difficult decisions regarding funding, in order to steer the company towards success.

“When you have your own start-up, you will face so many different situations, and need to make difficult decisions,” Yan said. “Will you have the vision to tackle a difficult market, and to tell those who don’t believe in your vision to step aside?”