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Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Leadership at CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance

November 17, 2016. Shanghai – Former Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Dr. Jiang Jianqing has been appointed Director of the influential think tank CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance (CLIIF). He will be joined there by Dr. Sheng Songcheng who is Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance at CEIBS and Counselor to the People's Bank of China.

Based in Shanghai, CLIIF serves as an open and international platform for academic exchange while focusing on studying the development of the financial industry and the improvement of relevant legal systems. It also provides first-class consulting and training services to financial institutions, regulators and legislators. CLIIF is committed to becoming an influential think tank for the development of Shanghai as an international financial centre and a platform for China-EU academic exchange.

“Both Prof. Jiang Jianqing and Prof. Sheng Songcheng have rich experience in research and practice in economics and finance as well as profound insights into finance policy and the regulatory system. We believe that, under their guidance, CLIIF will continue to play an active role as a think tank in research and training, and contribute to the continued development of Shanghai as an international financial centre,” said CEIBS President Li Mingjun.

The appointments, which were announced this week after consultations between CEIBS Management Committee and the Board of CLIIF, come on the heels of both men joining CEIBS faculty earlier this year. Dr. Jiang Jianqing became Adjunct Professor of Finance in July, and Dr. Sheng Songcheng joined in October as Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance.

President Jiang Mingqing and Professor Sheng Songcheng have extensive experience and profound knowledge in politics, business and academia. The two professors will further strengthen the research and teaching of finance in China and the EU and the role of CLIIF as an important China-EU think tank.

Prof. Jiang not only has many years of rich experience in the financial industry, but has also developed many highly regarded theories on banking history, banking management and financial reform. He was Chairman of ICBC from 2005 to 2016 and has served as Vice Chairman of the China Finance Society. His research is focused on finance theory and his research interests include theoretical and practical bank innovation, banking history, banking management and financial reform. His research has been published in Shanghai Finance, China Finance, China Urban Finance, Journal of Financial Research and Financial Regulation Research. He is the author of numerous books, including Analysis of Overseas Financial Crises, Reflection on Financial Crises, Technical Revolution in American Banking Industry, and The Formation and Governance of “Ivy” Loans.

Prof. Jiang received his doctorate degree in Management from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1999. He was a recipient of the 2015 Global Outstanding Financial Service Achievement Awards, and has been named among Bloomberg Markets 20 Most Influential. He has also been honoured as The Financier Most Motivated for Reform, Most Influential Leader of a Listed Company in China and named among Outstanding Asian Directors.

Prof. Sheng is one of the most preeminent authorities on monetary policy and macroeconomics in China. Prior to joining CEIBS he was Director General of the Department of Statistics & Research at the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and he is currently a Counselor to the PBoC. His research interests are mainly focused on monetary economics, monetary theory and policy, and macro-economic analysis. He has made outstanding contributions in both theory and policy in areas such as: aggregate finance to the real economy, capital account opening, interest rate liberalisation, as well as financial transformation and development. He has published more than 100 academic essays in influential periodicals, including the Economic Research Journal, Journal of Financial Research, China Finance, China Economic Weekly, Economy & Nation Weekly, China Reform, China Policy Review, China State Finance, and Economic Daily. He has also taught EMBA and PhD courses at Tsinghua University’s PBC School of Finance.