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Friday, May 26, 2017

CEIBS Impresses with High-Impact Academic Research

May 26, 2017. Shanghai – CEIBS and its faculty have recently made great strides in pioneering case development and teaching in China, along with leading the development of cases focused on Chinese management practices and business models, efforts that are in line with the school’s distinctive “China Depth, Global Breadth” positioning. 

One major aspect of this is the CEIBS Real Situation Learning Method™ (RSLM) initiative, which has seen increasing participation from faculty. Initiated by Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of Economics and Finance Xu Bin, this “Two-wheel Model” for faculty research is one of the school’s most distinctive features. After going through a test phase it is now enabling faculty to generate high-impact academic research and in-depth findings on leading-edge management practices and business models.

The knowledge creation power of CEIBS faculty is also evident in two recent successes in prominent global case writing competitions. Assistant Professor of Marketing Lin Chen recently won the 2016 Global Contest for the "Best China-Focused Cases" for a case study titled “FamilyMart: ‘Internet Plus’ Strategy”. The competition is organised by CEIBS together with the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform and The Global Platform of China Cases (ChinaCases.Org). In this year’s competition, only 87 cases out of the 199 submitted were accepted by the Platform, an indicator of the rigour with which submissions are assessed. The cases were selected in a blind reviewing process and – to avoid any conflict of interest – none of the expert reviewers in the final round were from CEIBS. After a rigorous selection process, in addition to Prof. Lin taking the top prize, half of the eight Nominated Case Awards were the work of CEIBS faculty and researchers. (The complete list of winners is available here.) In addition, Professor of Strategy and International Business Klaus Meyer and Research Assistant Alexandra Han’s case titled “CNOOC Engages with Canadian Stakeholders” recently won the “Emerging Chinese Global Competitors” category in the 2016 EFMD Case Writing Competition. The award will be presented to them at the 2016 EFMD Annual Conference to be held in Berlin.

Besides the excellent results in these case writing competitions, the latest data also shows that CEIBS cases account for nearly 65% of the overall case collection in the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform and make up approximately one third of the Global Platform of China Cases (ChinaCases.Org). CEIBS also continues to establish itself as a pioneer and leader of case development and teaching. The “CEIBS Case Master Camp”, founded last year, continues to be well-received by domestic and international business school faculty. Offered at no expense, the camp features lively discussions and a step-by-step analysis of the case teaching process, under the guidance of CEIBS faculty. More than 280 applications were received to compete for the 120 seats available for the first training session in 2017.

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