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Thursday, December 21, 2017

CEIBS Opens Shenzhen Campus

December 21, 2017. Shenzhen – CEIBS has ramped up its operations in southern China with the opening of a new campus in Shenzhen that was inaugurated today in a ceremony that included school leaders, and around 200 alumni and staff.   

“When CEIBS began offering programmes in Shenzhen in 2002, it had only a small office with two people. After 15 years of continuous entrepreneurial efforts, we have seen this office grow from nothing into what we have today,” said CEIBS President Prof. Li Mingjun in his remarks during the ceremony. “We are proud to now have a campus in this bustling hub of innovation in southern China.”

Over the past 15 years in Shenzhen, CEIBS has taught 21 EMBA cohorts and a variety of Executive Education (EE) courses, training responsible business leaders who have contributed to the economic development of southern China.

Several school leaders joined President Li in attending the inauguration ceremony for the new Shenzhen campus, including Vice President and Dean Prof. Ding Yuan; Vice President and Co-Dean Prof. Zhang Weijiong; President-Designate and Global advisor at CEIBS Prof. Dipak C. Jain; Associate Dean (Europe) Prof. Katherine Xin; Chief Representative of the Shenzhen Campus Hobbs Liu; and Vice Representative of the Shenzhen Campus Kong Biao.