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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Facilitating Chinese & German Collaboration

Mr. Duan Wei is Chief Executive of CHKD (The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany). This is a translated version of his welcome address at the 3rd CEIBS Europe Forum 2017 in Munich on September 13.

“Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. It is my great honour to be here today to welcome you to the 3rd CEIBS Europe Forum as the co-organizer.

Statistics show that trade volume between China and Germany has reached US$ 70 billion, and China has surpassed the US in becoming Germany’s largest trading partner. China has the most greenfield investment projects in Germany; we are complementary in economy and now is the prime time for collaboration between the two countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited China ten times during her 12 years in office, so we are in a very favourable macro-environment.

Nevertheless, this year we have started to see some signs of protectionism. In the next weeks Germany will have its general election, and with that, how can we facilitate bringing Chinese investment to Germany? How can we deepen our economic development collaboration between the two countries? At this forum we are very happy to have experts and practitioners to discuss this, and I wish you will all have a fruitful afternoon. Thank you. ”