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Friday, August 25, 2017

Lots to learn in Munich

“I’m from Munich... born and raised there. So I’m so excited that CEIBS will host such an important event in the city. That's one of the things I like about CEIBS, this willingness to provide a platform for people to learn about, with, and from each other. The event will help the local business community get a better understanding of the Belt & Road Initiative, and doing business with China in general. 

I started my CEIBS MBA last year and I’m still enrolled in the 18-month programme. I’m studying on a Bayer scholarship and I’m now doing an internship at Bayer Business Consulting in Shanghai. I don’t know yet what the future holds for me but I know it will have something to do with China. In October I’ll go to Brazil for a three-month student exchange and that will give me a chance to learn about yet another country, another culture, another business environment.

I hope that all who are at the CEIBS forum on September 13 will also get an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures and approaches to business as they discuss how Munich, Germany and the rest of Europe can contribute to and benefit from the Belt & Road Initiative.

I also hope they find some time to try our famous Brezen with a sausage and a glass of beer!”

~ Gian-Luca Ratte, CEIBS MBA 2018, Bayer scholarship recipient