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Monday, August 14, 2017

Plaudits for CEIBS at London & Paris Forums

Former Prime Minister of France, Jean-Pierre Raffarin:

I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by CEIBS as a truly global platform for sharing management and business knowledge, in general, and for its entrepreneurial spirit, in particular; and also for the school having a very open vision in a world where we see the rise of protectionism and nationalism.

China’s Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: 

Since its founding 20 years ago, China Europe International Business School has been true to its motto of "Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence". You have trained a large number of talents who have gone on to become well-known economists. They are the embodiment of the CEIBS objectives, namely, "China Depth, Global Breadth".

Through them, CEIBS has contributed its part to China's economic and social development, and you have played an active role in the business cooperation between China and Europe, and beyond.

Vice Chairman, China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, Mr. Geng Jinhai:

For me, one of the keys to the success of CEIBS is the combination of West and East, understanding and integrating the differences in values, cultures, views and behaviours. Your school has educated and developed a lot of talented mangers and business leaders who are well equipped and most suitable for the stage of global commerce and business.    

These talented managers are the best asset for our great One Belt One Road Initiative when Chinese firms go overseas to invest, trade and do business. CEIBS is a knowledge platform. CCCUK is a business platform, so I would say CEIBS and CCCUK are natural partners.