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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Expert Perspectives on China’s Belt & Road Initiative

November 12, 2017. Shanghai – The lessons from China’s success and its growing economy can benefit the world, said President of the Shanghai Social Science Academy Prof. Wang Zhan in his keynote address at the Alumni Forum, “Our Perspective on ‘Belt and Road Initiative’,” which was held today at the Petrochemical Auditorium on the Shanghai Campus.

“Our experience accumulated during the past 40 years’ of opening and reforms can help the countries along the Belt and Road win together with China,” said Wang, who is also Director of the Decision-Making Advisory Committee and a member of the National People’s Congress.

Joining Mr. Wang today at the event was Director of CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance, Adjunct Professor of Finance Jiang Jianqing. A finance-industry veteran who is former Board Chairman of ICBC, Prof. Jiang is now Chairman of the SINO-CEEF Holding Company (SINO-CEE Fund). In his keynote address at the forum he highlighted six areas where China and CEE players should deepen their cooperation: infrastructure export, financial services, trade, tourism, cultural exchanges, and inter-sectorial cooperation between industries with mutually beneficial advantages.

Executive Vice President of the China Investment Corporation and former Director General of the International Cooperation Department of CSRC, Mr. Qi Bin also gave a keynote address in which he shared his insights on how Chinese companies can better “go out” and “bring in”.

The keynote speeches were followed by a round table discussion on the globalisation of Chinese manufacturers, and how they can leverage the India market while going global in the context of Belt and Road Initiative. The panelists were Shanghai Highly Group Board Chairman and President of CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter Mr. Shen Jianfang (EMBA 1997/CEO 2003); Chervon Holdings Board Chairman and President of CEIBS Alumni Association Nanjing Chapter Mr. Pan Longquan (CEO 2008); and Iron Pillar Capital Management Managing Partner Mr. Anand Prasana.

The Forum was organized by the CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter and the CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance and it closed this year’s three-day CEIBS alumni homecoming.