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Thursday, August 24, 2017

CEIBS Real Situation Learning Explores Joyson Electronics

August 24, 2017. Ningbo – After completing a case study about Ningbo Joyson Electronics Corporation, Associate Professor of Strategy Chen Weiru led a group of 60 CEIBS alumni and entrepreneurs to visit the company’s headquarters today to experience the school’s unique new Real Situation Learning™ (RSL) teaching method.

The RSL method combines theory and practice by encouraging participants to listen, observe and reflect. It takes learning outside the traditional classroom environment by incorporating company visits and discussions with senior executives into the curriculum. During today’s visit to Joyson Electronics, which is one of the top component suppliers for global automotive manufacturers, participants heard from the company’s General Manager, Lucy Wong (GEMBA 2011), HR Director Crystal Zhao and CFO Lucy Lu. Both Zhao and Lu are currently students in the CEIBS Global Executive MBA Class of 2016.

Professor Chen explained the significant impact that globalization is having on corporate strategic planning, organizational structure, culture and the value chain. As the case study on the company that he co-authored with Professor of Marketing Wang Gao shows, Joyson’s path to globalization is a good reference point for other Chinese enterprises that are looking to expand into other countries. Joyson built its global footprint through international acquisitions, and Professor Chen explained how it has been effective at managing its acquisitions using the ‘light touch’ approach that leaves the management team and operations of the acquired company largely in place. It is a practice common to many globalizing Chinese companies.

Jin Li (GEMBA 2015) said she will be able to apply what she learned through today’s RSL event in her job as Vice President of GCL System Integration Technology Co. “I’ve learned relative theories from different perspectives during the different modules at CEIBS, but this time we had Joyson Electronics as a real learning platform and we were able to study together with a group of alumni,” she said. “We spoke with senior executives from Joyson Electronics and learned about their successes and failures, and we were inspired by their stories. We also had an opportunity to discuss how to combine theory and practice. As I am working on an acquisition in a large privately-owned company, I benefited a lot from this process.”

The Joyson executives who participated also found it to be a valuable learning experience. “This company visit incorporating the RSL method was very successful,” said Joyson’s Crystal Zhao. “During the event, CEIBS alumni and other entrepreneurs made objective comments and constructive suggestions for Joyson Electronics. Their suggestions provide great inspiration for our future plans. From the perspective of human resources, at this stage of our development we need to think about how to find potential employees that are suitable for the company’s development and how to retain them.”

Joyson CFO Lucy Lu commented on the growing importance of Chinese companies having well-trained managers, particularly in light of the current globalization trend. “International courses provided by business schools can help privately-owned companies develop global insights through academic theories and case analyses,” she said. “The courses can also guide them in strategic innovation during transformation and offer support in training international talents and management innovation.”

After the RSL experience concluded, Professor Chen gave a lecture titled “Thinking Innovation” in which he explained how enterprises can utilize platform thinking to transform their business strategy in today’s internet age. In the lecture he discussed how big data, cloud computing, internet of things (IOT) and other new technologies are changing and disrupting business models. He also shared the steps that companies must follow in order to transform their strategy in the internet age.