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Saturday, November 11, 2017

CEIBS Alumni Celebrate their Entrepreneurial Spirit & Social Responsibility

November 11, 2017. Shanghai – A lively discussion of the entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility was the focus of an event today at the Shanghai Campus which is the first of this year’s homecoming activities for CEIBS alumni.

“CEIBS’ pursuit of being a world class business school is not only about brand, reputation and teaching quality; a world class business school should also assume the responsibility of passing the entrepreneurial spirit from generation to generation and driving entrepreneurs to give back to the society,” said President Prof. Li Mingjun in his welcome address to the 300 people in the audience, which included alumni, faculty, students and visitors from other business schools.

The entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to business, as Professor of Accounting Chen Jieping noted in his keynote speech. “The [entrepreneurial] spirit means passion, change, proactivity and persistence – a mindset that leads people to keep innovating until they succeed,” he said. He also encouraged CEIBS alumni to pursue something that goes “beyond the commercial benefits”.

This idea, and the ways in which CEIBS and its alumni community can better contribute to improving society was then the focus of a panel discussion with Prof. Chen, Landsea Group President and CEIBS Alumni Association Chairman Tian Ming (EMBA 2005); Qian Xiaohua (EMBA 2000), who is Chairman of “Society Entrepreneur Ecology”, an NGO dedicated to anti-desertification in Inner Mongolia; and Li Wen (EMBA 2010), China Universal Asset Management President and the Joint Director of the CSR Committee of CEIBS Alumni Association.  

Director of the CSR Committee of CEIBS Alumni Association Jiao Sheng (EMBA 2008), who is the Jiangsu Hanjin Group President, closed today’s event by appealing to all CEIBS alumni to take on more social responsibility initiatives.