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Friday, August 18, 2017

CEIBS Alumni Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

August 18, 2017. Shanghai – The importance of corporate social responsibility was highlighted by CEIBS alumni in a series of events held on the Shanghai Campus today which included the CEIBS Alumni Enterprises Corporate Social Responsibility Forum and the Opening Ceremony for an exhibition showcasing some of the CSR practices of CEIBS alumni companies. A ceremony was also held to celebrate the social responsibility pledge taken by all CEIBS Alumni Association members.

Throughout the events, school leaders, faculty, and distinguished alumni and business leaders shared their perspectives on how socially responsible entrepreneurs and enterprises can have a positive impact on society while also generating value for their business. The CEIBS Alumni Association has always encouraged social entrepreneurship and holds many activities to promote social responsibility. Today’s events, which attracted around 300 participants, are a prelude to the upcoming launch of the CEIBS Social Responsibility Report, and Public Good and Social Responsibility Summit and Award Ceremony which will be held at the end of this year.

“CEIBS is committed to the cultivation of business leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit who proactively fulfill their social responsibility,” said CEIBS Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics Wu Jinglian in a message he sent to the alumni gathering. “On the road to market-oriented reform, members of the CEIBS community have been actively promoting and fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.”

“Business Development and Social Responsibility” was the title of the address given by CEIBS President Professor Li Mingjun. He noted that CEIBS has been unwavering in its mission to cultivate responsible leaders versed in “China Depth and Global Breadth”. As the first Chinese business school to require students take a business ethics course, CEIBS has always “been the first to worry about the troubles across the land, and the last to enjoy universal happiness,” he said. He also pointed out examples of the many ways that the School has cultivated and supported social responsibility. These include:

  • The Being Globally Responsible Conference (BGRC) organized annually by CEIBS MBA students;
  • The CEIBS EMBA Programme made corporate social responsibility the focus of the first course students take when entering the Programme;
  • The “CEIBS EMBA Award for Social Responsibility” which was established by the School in 2008 to encourage EMBA students to take up social responsibility as entrepreneurs;
  • The Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa (WELA) training programme for African female entrepreneurs. The School has also has offered free courses to selected African entrepreneurs in order to fulfill its social responsibility in Africa and help advance local economic development through management education.

President Li said he hopes that the CEIBS community will continue to play an active role in promoting corporate social responsibility, and that through their thoughts, actions, and interactions community members will pioneer new ways to promote social progress and benefit society.

President of the CEIBS Alumni Association Council Tian Ming said that business development and corporate social responsibility are part of the core responsibilities of the CEIBS Alumni Association. CEIBS alumni have done many things to benefit society and promote corporate social responsibility in various fields. He said that a new platform is needed that can help integrate available resources to enable alumni to strengthen and expand the influence of their social responsibility efforts.

Tian Ming also read aloud the corporate social responsibility pledge that has been signed by the members of the Alumni Association Council as well as representatives of 65 alumni chapters and 65 alumni industrial associations and clubs from all over the world. The pledge says: “We believe a business can make more sustainable contributions to society only when it values morality while earning profits. As alumni whose alma mater has always had a mission to educate responsible business leaders with China Depth and Global Breadth, we should strive for more than our own success as individuals; let’s work together to set an example for society, for business development, and prosperity in a socially responsible way.”

Chairman of the Narada Foundation, Vice Chairman of the China Charity Alliance, Research Fellow at the Counselors’ Office of the State Council and founding member of the Hope Project Xu Yongguang gave a speech titled “Charity Rightwards, Business Leftwards”. Xu said that solving social problems through innovation and a combination of public and private efforts has become a global trend. Social enterprises can make the mission of public good compatible with business goals in order to pursue both profits and social benefits at the same time, and the benefits of this are beyond measure.

CEIBS Professor of Accounting Charles Chen spoke about CEIBS’ mission. He encouraged alumni to confront social problems directly and promote the idea that business should benefit society. He said he expects that CEIBS alumni will continue to be a positive driving force for social progress.

JD.com’s Chief Human Resources Officer, General Counsel and Chairwoman of the JD Foundation Council Long Yu spoke as a representative of CEIBS alumni companies and shared the social responsibility initiatives undertaken by JD.com over the years.

The day’s events also included the Opening Ceremony for an exhibit featuring some of the CSR initiatives of CEIBS alumni companies. The exhibit will be open on the Shanghai Campus through early September, and features around 60 displays highlighting some of the social responsibility accomplishments of CEIBS alumni.