What They Said...

The experience was so good that I would like to move here.

-- Giovanni Zangani
Inbound Exchange Student from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Very interesting and worthwhile. A lot of job opportunities in China through CEIBS' name.

--- Ching-Chia Hsu
Inbound Exchange Student from ESADE Business School

This has been an amazing experience and I would highly recommend the programme to any other MBA looking to study abroad. The best part of the experience was meeting so many amazing students from all over the world. Some will be lifelong friends. I feel like I've come to understand China much better too through interaction with students' classroom experiences, and living everyday life here. This experience has definitely changed me and made me want to return to China at some point in my career.

---Emily Carter
Inbound Exchange Student from McCombs

It was a great experience for me to understand how Chinese people are doing business.

---Richard Liao
Inbound Exchange Student from Stern

I had never been to Asia before and the exchange has far exceeded my expectations; I think I have learnt a lot about China, its culture and way of living and its way of working and doing business. Overall, the experience has been very positive and I would recommend it to others.

--- Amaia Merino Guevara
Inbound Exchange Student from IESE Business School

Good coverage of China-relevant issues in curriculum.

---Calvin J. Lee
Inbound Exchange Student from IESE Business School

I really loved Shanghai. Very easy to meet new people and make friends. CEIBS has an excellent reputation in Shanghai and China. Also liked very much the premises and how the school was focused on its students.

--- Jose Castello Pascual
Inbound Exchange Student from IESE Business School

I appreciate CEIBS administrative team for their efforts. Great job! It's been a great experience for me in getting to know China for the first time and I am glad to have come here. The exchange programme is well designed and has many successful features. Thanks!

--- Netant Misra
Inbound Exchange Student from Fisher

My experience has been thoroughly enjoyable. My academic experiences at CEIBS have enabled me to understand the difference in the way knowledge is absorbed and dispersed in Western and Chinese culture. Furthermore, the team exercises in class have helped to illustrate the distinctions in problem solving methodologies that are used by western and Chinese culture. I strongly believe that this newfound awareness helped me to gauge how best to operate within a multi-cultural team environment. In addition, I have found the CEIBS students to be extremely supportive and friendly. There were several times where students went out of their way to make me and the rest of the exchange student group feel comfortable and at home.

--- Asuquo Tommy John
Inbound Exchange Student from Kellogg

Exchange experience has been great. It definitely provided me a new perspective on my future life plans.

--- Oleksandr Bogun  
Inbound Exchange Student from Darden

The overall impression is great, I like the dynamic of CEIBS, the professors and classmates are all energetic and active. The management is active and strict as well but it is essential to maintain the programme quality. The experience made me believe China will keep its fast development pace in the future since all people in China are willing to accept change.

---Peng Zhao
Inbound Exchange Student from CUHK

I am grateful for my experience at CEIBS, I have learned a great deal about Chinese culture and tradition, not to mention business etiquette in China. I was also able to develop knowledge in areas that I did not have access to at DUKE.

--- Peter Wu
Inbound Exchange Student from Duke