CEIBS MBA2020 Graduation Celebration


 June 20th, Sat, 2020   18:30-20:00, GMT+8
 Maple Hall, CEIBS Shanghai Campus

Commencement of Celebration
Host: Prof. Juan Fernandez, Associate Dean and MBA Program Director of CEIBS
National Anthems of PRC and EU
Introduction of Faculty and VIP guests
Congratulation Remarks by the Dean
Prof. Yuan Ding, Vice President and Dean of CEIBS
Keynote Speech by VIP Guest
Prof. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Distinguished Professor of CEIBS; Charles de Gaulle Chair in Global Leadership of CEIBS; Former Prime Minister of France
Speech by Faculty Representative
Prof. Bin Xu, Professor of Economics of CEIBS
Speech by MBA2020 Graduate Representative
Ms. Shoko Ogasawara, MBA2020 Graduate
Speech by MBA2020 Graduate Representative
Mr. Cain Tong, MBA2020 Graduate
Conferral of Special Recognition Award
Prof. Weijiong Zhang, Vice President and Co-Dean of CEIBS
Conferral of Outstanding Graduate Award
Prof. Dipak Jain, President (European) of CEIBS
Conferral of Student Leader Award
Prof. Mingjun Li, President of CEIBS
Chorus: You Raise Me Up
MBA2020 Graduates
Let's Make a Toast!
All VIPs onsite

Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Today we come together to celebrate your outstanding achievements and to welcome you into our global family of CEIBS alumni. The fact that we are hosting this celebration online should in no way diminish the dedication, determination and grit that you have brought to the classroom every single day in order to call yourself a Master of Business Administration.

I am fortunate in my role as Dean to meet CEIBS MBA alumni, both old and young, on a regular basis, and from this I can promise you one thing. The memories that you leave with today; the knowledge, explorations, successes, failures and most importantly friendships, will become more and more cherished with each passing year. 

I can't imagine a happier day than the in-person graduation ceremony that we are planning for you all on campus next year. The opportunity to celebrate in person, with the pandemic firmly behind us, will be an emotional one for everybody who has played a part in your success.

Until then, I encourage you all to face the challenges of these unprecedented times with a spirit of conscientiousness, innovation and excellence. Now more than ever the World needs leaders who embrace and embody these words. I challenge you to reflect on this going forwards and look forward to seeing you online soon.

Warm regards,

Dr. Ding Yuan
Vice President and Dean
Cathy Capital Chair Professor in Accounting
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

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