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Provides China's current news, macroeconomic statistics and forecasts, corporate information, industry analysis reports, taxation, legal & regulatory climate.


Provide current news, company financial statements, company profiles, corporate action reports, industry reports, analyst and brokerage reports, closing price quotes, macroeconomic statistics, macroeconomic forecasts, legal and political information with full text. ISI Emerging Markets have than 4400 sources from around the world. Local information providers include: Newspapers, Business, publications, Central banks, Statistical bureaus, Local ministries, Trade councils, Brokerage firms, Market research firms, Consulting firms, Business associations, Government agencies, Stock exchanges. Here are some local sources available in China: Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, Beijing CDS Information Consulting Co. Ltd., State Information Center, CEInet, Institute of Investment.

TIME RANGE: 1998-Current

UPDATE: Information is updated anywhere from continuously throughout the day to once annually depending on the type of information.



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