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International Alumni Association Spreads its Wings

Volume 1, 2017

By Verena Kohleick & Sneha Das

Launched last November as a “home” for English-speaking CEIBS alumni as they work with and within the wider CEIBS community, the CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter (International) is now reaching out to the school’s graduates around the world.

The Chapter kicked off 2017 with an informal gathering of about 80 participants in Shanghai on January 15, followed by a February 23 networking event where CEIBS alumni connected with graduates from other noteworthy business schools. And they have a lot more planned for the rest of the year. On April 27, the CAI networking event will have a decidedly African flair as CEIBS students and alumni from Ghana and Nigeria spend the evening getting to know members of CEIBS Global EMBA15 and other Chapter members. Then in May, the Swiss Chapter will play host at a CAI event held at the FIFA World Museum in Zurich. Other activities planned for the rest of the year will include lectures by renowned speakers as well as company visits.

With alumni spread across 80 plus countries around the globe participating in the various events hosted by more than 60 alumni chapters, CEIBS is proud of its international alumni portfolio. Over the years many international alumni have opted to remain in China after graduation, and their numbers have now swelled to roughly 800. The CAI, where the working language is English, will strengthen the bonds among these alumni and the Chinese nationals who have also joined the Chapter in the spirit of creating a truly inclusive international platform that will play an active role in the wider CEIBS community. The CAI provides non-Chinese alumni with guidance and support related to the Chinese business environment, while also providing support for Chinese alumni exploring overseas opportunities and trying to connect with international corporations. “It is where global connections are made, international friendship is forged, and great minds and souls are nurtured,” said CAI President Jun Lee. “The inauguration of the CAI is yet another step towards CEIBS’ vision of being a truly international business school.”

Like many other CEIBS alumni organisations, the international chapter is part of the broader Shanghai Chapter. However there is one distinction, the group has firm global ambitions. Alumni around the world are encouraged to become a part of the network to help strengthen the Global Breadth of resource sharing and social interaction.

With support from the CEIBS Alumni Office, the Chapter works to connect international alumni with Chinese-speaking members of domestic alumni chapters. There are also current students among the membership, ensuring that there is a smooth transition and continuity in the Chapter’s organisational structure as new alumni are added to the school’s 19,000-strong network. The CAI’s aim is to support all alumni related activities by coordinating networking events, academic sessions and other social activities while promoting shared interests as well as the experiences of its members.

Since December 2015, the Chapter has organised over 10 events of various types and sizes – from networking events/mixers/lectures with 80-200 attendees and dinner gatherings with 20-30 people to a WeChat online info-session for charity. The CAI has two official WeChat groups with over 700 members.


Event Highlights

After a decision, at the end of 2015, to establish the CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter (International), its first event was held in January 2016 and at least 10 more followed throughout the year. These included mixers, lectures and online sharing. Events attracted, on average, 70 to 100 participants. Some even had as many as 200 attendees – all before the chapter was officially launched. Here are some highlights:


Yashasvi NAHATA, Bayer, MBA17

CEIBS alumni have been a great help through different stages of my MBA, from helping me land an internship at Bayer to welcoming me with open arms in Germany where I was posted after graduating. The alumni are very well connected and it was seamless for the Shanghai Chapter to help me connect to the German Chapter. I look forward to contributing to alumni activities in Germany."


Jennifer ZHAO, CEIBS Career Development Center

“The International Alumni Chapter not only bonds CEIBS’ international alumni, but also creates a sense of connection and belonging to the school. It helps the MBA Programme and our students as well. We appreciate everything they have done: providing career opportunities, working as career mentors, speaking at career events... I’m so proud to be part of the CEIBS community. Together we make it stronger!”



“As an FMBA graduate of the CEIBS alumni family, I began to join International Chapter events after I had a course together with GEMBA 2014. I’ve studied and worked in the UK and Europe, and I’ve worked in China’s financial markets for nearly 10 years but after actively participating in CEIBS International Chapter events I feel I am on the verge of a ‘new career’! Looking ahead, if we work together on more interesting events that enhance communication among MBA, GEMBA and FMBA we will see more opportunities, more friendships, more successful businesses, and even more fruitful careers!”



“My classmates from GEMBA16 and I all had a fantastic time at the welcome party organised by the CEIBS International Alumni Chapter in the Fall of 2016. At the time, we had all just started our CEIBS journey, and what better way to usher in this new chapter of our lives than in the company of such a diverse and experienced group which included participants from the current MBA students all the way up to alumni with tons of ‘war’ stories to share. The ‘China Depth, Global Breadth’ of the group was palpable! A really nice way of welcoming us to the CEIBS family!”


How to join

Join all or any of our community groups and remember to check out the school newsletter for CAI event information.

• WeChat Group: As per WeChat policy, group membership is by invitation only. Contact the Chapter’s Management Committee or any existing CAI WeChat Group member for an invitation.

• LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8454554

• Facebook Group (Alumni only): CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter (International) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1213588758685070/

• Facebook page (public):  CEIBS Alumni Association Shanghai Chapter – International https://www.facebook.com/CEIBS-Alumni-Association-Shanghai-Chapter-Inter...

The CAI is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to be an active member of the Chapter’s Management Committee, or if you have ideas for its future development, contact them now!

Email: international.alumni@ceibs.edu



Chapter Council:

President: Jun Lee (GEMBA13)

Vice President: Alanna Shi (MBA06)

Vice President: Michele Comacchio (GEMBA12)

Vice President: Vijay Nadipineni (MBA14)

Secretary General: Margaret Kan (MBA08)

COO: Cedric Devroye (GEMBA15)



Jay Ha (GEMBA14)

Sneha Das (MBA17)

Anant Mithal (MBA18)

Lily Li (MBA15)

Dora Li (MBA08)

Dante Bustos (GEMBA16)

Remi Te (GEMBA16)



Yashasvi Nahata (MBA17)

Tara Kwon (MBA16)

Rohan Kamath (MBA16)