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Centres of Research Excellence & Research Funds
- innovating world-class research

At the heart of excellence lies the ability to research, to innovate, to think creatively and to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy. CEIBS Research Fund Sponsor Partners nurture and support this spirit at CEIBS by providing advice and resources to enable our faculty to innovate new ways of doing business.

CEIBS research capabilities have been significantly expanded in the past two years and now represent an impressive body of internationally published studies and cases as well as serving as a basis for academic conferences and workshops.

Already CEIBS has established several Centres of Research Excellence, including:

  • Case Development Centre
  • China Innovation
  • Healthcare Management and Policy
  • Centre for Family Heritage
  • Lujiazui Institute of International Finance

We need to continuously build on this. CEIBS' management and faculty would be pleased to discuss both current and potential new areas of research to match the needs and areas of interest of your organisation.

Sponsor Partner funding for our Centres of Research typically range from Euro 200,000 to Euro 1 million. In addition to the research output, this funding allows our Sponsor Partners to access all Sponsor benefits over a 3 to 10-year period depending on the research investment.

 Current CEIBS Centres of Research & Research Fund Partners:

  • CEIBS Centre for Health Care Policy & Management
    Bayer HealthCare
  • CEIBS Centre for Organizational and People Excellence
    The Philips Chair in Human Resources Management
    The Michelin Chair in Leadership & Human Resources Management
  • CEIBS Centre for Global Management
    Banco Santander
    Banco Sabadell
  • CEIBS Centre for International Entreprenership
    The Government of Spain
    Government of Cantabria
  • CEIBS Centre for Health Care Policy and Management
    Bayer HealthCare
  • CEIBS Euro-China Centre for Leadership and Responsibility
    L'Oréal Asia
  • CEIBS Centre for Marketing & Innovation
    Dow Chemical
  • CEIBS International Financial Research Centre
    Bank of Shanghai
    Shenzhen Mindray
  • CEIBS China Outsourcing Research Centre

    "For Cantabria, the dynamic Spanish region that I am proud to represent, the Professorship we have set up in the prestigious CEIBS will provide a great leap forward aimed at supporting, reinforcing, and encouraging Cantabrian businessman to explore the potential of the Chinese market, and conversely, thanks to this initiative, Chinese businessmen will have the opportunity to discover the attractiveness of Cantabria as a place where their future plans could be developed. This project, promoted by the Cantabrian Regional Ministry of Industry, through the Cantabrian Regional Development Agency, SODERCAN, also has the backing of important firms such as ENEL-Viesgo, SADISA, institutions like the Cantabrian business organization CEOE-Cepyme, the national public organisation Ports of Spain, the Port of Santander and the University of Cantabria".
    Mr. Miguel Angel Pesquera González,
    Minister of Industry, Employment and Technology Development of the Cantabrian Government

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