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Leadership in Turbulent Times: Real World, Real Leadership

The turbulence in the world today is the result of failures in leadership. The global COVID-19 pandemic, the increasingly violent disruptions in the natural environment, and the conflicts between different narratives of various political systems have all exacerbated the state of the world for humanity and brought us face to face with the reality of the present – a reality of nature and a reality of leadership as it searches to manage these crises, foolishly or wisely. Geopolitical lenses are not sufficient to resolve these problems. Responsibility is being attributed to other countries, to other leaders, to other systems of government and belief with their different self-serving narratives of reality. That is a grave mistake. Every country and every person bear some responsibility for the present state of the world. Where geopolitical lenses distort or vision, various psychological lenses can clarify them.

Join us for this special webinar about the interwoven situations today and our personal and collective responsibility in the exercise of leadership during these challenging times. CEIBS Professor Jack Denfeld Wood, a boundary-pushing academic specializing in experiential leadership, will begin the discussion.

Prof. Wood’s presentation will explore several related themes in these current turbulent times:

  • What is it about today that is similar and different from ‘normal’ life?
  • How do you personally experience the disruptions?
  • What patterns are being forced into our awareness?
  • What do the responses of leadership reveal about the nature of contemporary leadership?
  • What does the present situation demand for effective leadership?
  • What opportunities does the situation present to us for re-thinking the way we live and work?

After his presentation, Professor Wood will be joined by two CEIBS Global EMBA alumni for a panel discussion to further dive into practical insights on how to lead and manage your groups and organizations during this unprecedented time of turbulence and uncertainty.

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