Lydia J. Price


Address:  Joytown #98, Lane 285 JuJin Road, Pudong, 201208 Shanghai, PRC

Email:        Office Telephone: 8621-2890-5491





PhD in Marketing                               Columbia University, New York, NY.                     1988

M.S. in Marketing Research              University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH                 1987

B.S. in Marketing                               Miami University, Oxford, Ohio                              1980


Professional Experience

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)                            August 2003-present

Shanghai, PRC


Associate Dean, MBA Program Director, Professor of Marketing                          2006-present


  • Associate Dean responsibilities include membership on the Executive Committee of the Faculty, assisting with corporate relations and development activities, assisting with faculty recruitment and development, and membership on the Communications Advisory Committee which oversees internal and external communications.   
  • MBA Director responsibilities include fiscal management, curriculum development and management, course staffing, academic quality control, student recruitment and management, oversight of Career Development Center, oversight of international program rankings, program marketing and brand development; administrative staff recruitment and management.  Major achievements include:
    • Continuous improvement of international program rankings ( currently #17  worldwide full-time MBA according to Financial Times 2011)
    • Doubling of program revenues 2006-2010
    • Strenghening career services, with corresponding major improvements in placement results and student satisfaction
    • Continuous improvement in curriculum and student services while simultaneously improving program margins
    • Growth of the international student body from 20% to 40% of the student base, with corresponding improvements in support services to facilitate a smooth transition.  Student satisfaction and engagement have increased throughout this period
    • Clarification of brand image and value proposition with corresponding improvement in marketing effectiveness and efficiency. 
    • Modernization of administrative systems to support information-based, goal-oriented decision making. 
    • Continuous improvement in human resource management including improved reporting procedures and assessment
    • Improved alignment of budget and strategic goals


Professional Experience (continued)


CEIBS (continued)


Chair, Accreditation Committee (AACSB, EQUIS)                                                   2006-present

            Co-chair, 2005


  • Responsible for all aspects of the school*s accreditation process: planning and managing necessary changes to achieve compliance with accreditation standards, developing systems for information collection and interpretation, establishing a system of learning assessment and assurance, preparing reports, internal training and communication, coordinating accreditor site visits. 
    • During my term of service CEIBS was awarded initial accreditation by AACSB (December 2008) and re-accreditation by EQUIS (March 2007) 



Chair, Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee                                           2007-present

            Committee Member, 2004-2005


o   In 2007-2008 I spearheaded a major review of the MBA program that resulted in a revised curriculum being approved by Faculty in October 2008.  Implementation is currently underway.  The new curriculum sharpens the school*s delivery of its &China Depth, Global Breadth§ positioning as well as building its reputation for Responsible Leadership.  Additional aspects of the revision include greater cross-disciplinary integration, emphasis on entrepreneurship, strengthening of both soft and hard skills (communication, teamwork, leadership, quantitative methods, computer skills), and increased flexibility of elective program content for students

o   A review and revision of EMBA curriculum was undertaken in 2005; review and revision of MBA curriculum in 2004



Marketing Area Coordinator                                                                                      2004-2006


  • Responsible for faculty recruitment and management; oversight of marketing area curriculum



Associate Professor of Marketing                                                                               2003-2006


  • Taught in MBA, EMBA and non-degree Executive Development Programs (EDP) with consistently high ratings and teaching awards; Program manager for selected EDP programs


Professional Experience (continued)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR                     1994-2003


During my years of service HKUST developed from a startup university to a fully staffed institution of high international repute and standing


Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • Taught in BA, MBA, EMBA and PhD programs with consistently high ratings and teaching awards
  • Chair, Marketing Department Ph.D. Committee and member of school-level committee, 1994-2000
    • Part of the team that established the PhD degree in marketing at HKUST 每 establishing rules, procedures, standards, etc. 
    • Responsible for curriculum development and student recruiting
  • Faculty advisor and founder: HKUST branch of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), 2003
  • Member of taskforce for improving students* English language proficiency, 2001-2003
  • Faculty advisor, Advertising Competition Express (ACE), 1999-2000
  • Chair, Pacific Forum on Information and Telecom Industries, 1996  


New York University,  New York, NY, USA                                                             1993-1994


Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing


INSEAD,  Fontainebleau France                                                                              1988-1993


I was a member of the INSEAD Faculty at the time that it transitioned from a small teaching-oriented school to a mid-sized school with a balanced focus on teaching and research


Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • Coordinator, Ph.D. Curriculum in Marketing, 1990-1992
  • Academic Computer Committee, 1990-1992
  • Executive Education Committee, 1988-1992
  • Ph.D. Committee, 1988-1990


ADI, Cincinnati, Ohio                                                                                                                         1983-1984


Marketing Research Analyst


Kobacker stores, Columbus, Ohio                                                                        1980 每 1982


Retail Manager


Skoller's Bostonian Shoes, Cedar Knolls New Jersey                                            1974 每 1976


Retail Manager


Thom McAn, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey                                                                1973 每 1974


Retail Manager



           Research Papers


A. Refereed Journals

Zhang, Yinlong, Lawrence Feick and Lydia J. Price, ※The Impact of Self-Construal on Aesthetic Preference for Angular Versus Rounded Shapes§, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 32(6), (2006), 794-805; reprinted in Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 22(2), (2007), 77-93. 


Price, Lydia J. and Niraj Dawar "The Joint Effects of Brands and Warranties in Signaling New Product Quality" Journal of Economic Psychology, 23(2), 2002, 165-190.


Dawar, Niraj, Philip Parker and Lydia J. Price, "A Cross-Cultural Study of Interpersonal Information Exchange", Journal of International Business Studies, 27(3), 1996, 497-516.


Price, Lydia J., "Understanding the Negativity Effect: The Role of Processing Focus", Marketing Letters, 7(1), 1996, 53-62. 


Vanhonacker, Wilfried R. and Lydia J. Price, "Estimating the Response Effect of Future Events Based on Historical Analogy: A Methodology and Illustration on Generic Substitution of Brand Name Drug Sales Following Patent Expiration," Marketing Letters 6(1), 1995, 73-85.


Price, Lydia J. and Wilfried R. Vanhonacker, "Recursive Least-Squares Approach to Data Transferability:  Exposition and Numerical Results," Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 47, 1993, 147-160.


Price, Lydia J., "Identifying Cluster Overlap with NORMIX Population Membership Probabilities," Multivariate Behavioral Research, 28(2), 1993, 235-262.


Vanhonacker, Wilfried R. and Lydia J. Price, "Using Meta-Analysis Results in Bayesian Updating:  The Empty Cell Problem," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 10 (October 1992), 427-435.


Price, Lydia J.  "The Effects of Message Valence on Inferential Processes," in John F. Sherry, Jr. and Brian Sternthal (eds.) Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 19, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, 1992, 359-365.



B. Working Papers and Work in Progress

※Mengniu Dairy and the Chinese Supergirl sponsorship § 每 case study


※Building Chinese Firewalls Against Consumer Complaints§ (with Junsong Chen)


 ※Culture and Consumer Cognition: The Formative Role of a Chinese versus American Education§ (with D. Briley).


※Can Game-based Promotions Reduce Purchases?  Understanding Which Shoppers Don*t Feel Lucky§ (with D. Briley)



C. Other Publications

Lydia J. Price, ※How to Manage and Control a Media Attack§ (in Chinese), Management@People, 2005(04), 57-58. 


Lydia J. Price, ※DuPont Crisis: How to Reply§ (in Chinese), China Business Post, August 27, 2004, p.26;    reprinted in Contemporary Manager, 2004(09), 27. 


           Conference and Seminar Presentations

Invited Presentations


※PRME Values§, panelist at 2011 PRME Summit, Brussels, June 2011. 


※Sustainability and PRME§, AACSB Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore, May 2011. 


Integrating People and Planet Themes in B-School Curricula§, with Pierre Tapie (ESSEC) and Shahid Ansari (Babson), AACSB  ICAM Conference, New York, NY, April 2011. 


※Career Services for International Students: Coping and Capitalizing§, at Globalizing Management Development, EU/China Annual Forum, hosted by EFMD/CEIBS, Shanghai PRC, June 2010. 


※Sustainable University, School, Program§, with Linda Livingstone (Pepperdine) and Mark Starik (George Washington U.), AACSB  ICAM Conference, Anaheim CA, April 2010. 


※The Pursuit of Quality in Uncertain Times: Macro Trends and Today*s Business School§, with Alex Chisholm (GMAC),  AACSB ICAM Conference, Anaheim CA, April 2010


※Succeeding in China§, Asia Business Consulting Group Speaking series, Minneapolis, MN January, 2010


※When Better Means Best:  Culture, Incomplete Comparisons and Advertising Deception§ at Carlson School of Management research seminar series, University of Minnesota, USA, March 2001.


※Cognitive and Emotive Effects of Culture§ special session discussant at Association for Consumer Research Asia Pacific Conference, Hong Kong, June 1998.


※Culture and Consumption§, session discussant, The Society of Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, Austin, Texas, February 1998.


※Attitudes and Cognitions,§ special session discussant, The Society of Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, St Petersburg, Florida, February 1997. 


※The Problems and Future of Cross-Cultural Research§, invited discussant (with N. Dawar), Conference of The Association for Consumer Research, Nashville, Tennessee, October 1993. 


Presentations at Peer Reviewed Conferences


※Retooling Leaders for the Future: Changing MBA Curricula§, with Richard Brubaker, PRME/CBS Cop-15 pre-conference, Copenhagen, November 2009.


※Culture Matters When I*m Involved and Need Closure,§ at Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2000. 


※Beyond Individualism/Collectivism: New Insights on Eastern and Western Thinking Styles§, special session organizer and chair; also presenter of a paper titled ※Culture, Education and Cognition: A Review and Discussion of Chinese versus American Cognitive Styles§ at the Association for Consumer Research Asia Pacific Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, March 2000. 


※Chinese Decision Making: How and Why it Differs from the West§ special session organizer and chair; also presenter of a paper titled ※Culture, Education and Cognition: A Review and Discussion of Chinese versus American Cognitive Styles§ at the Seventh Cross Cultural Research Conference, Cancun Mexico, December 1999. 


           Conference and Seminar Presentations (continued)

※International Culture and Consumer Psychology:  A Panel Discussion§ special session organizer and panel moderator, The Society of Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, Austin, Texas, February 1998.


 ※Signalling Product Quality:  The View from Information Economics and Consumer Psychology§, special session organizer and chair; also presenter of a paper titled ※How Brand Information Moderates the Quality Signaling Effects of Warranties§, Conference of The Association for Consumer Research, Denver, Colorado, October 1997. 


 ※The Brand as a Signal of Product Quality:  Insights from Information Economics and Consumer Psychology,§  special session organizer and chair; also, presenter of a paper titled ※Brand Reputation as a Cue to Warranty Meaning,§ The Society of Consumer Psychology Winter Conference, St Petersburg, Florida, February 1997.


"The Effects of Warranty Information on Brand Extension Evaluations," invited presentation at INFORMS Spring Meetings, Los Angeles, California, April 1995.


"Consumer Use of Brand Name and Warranty Information in Evaluating Brand Extensions" at Marketing Science Conference, Tuscon, Arizona, March 1994


"Identifying Cluster Overlap with NORMIX Population Membership Probabilities," at Marketing Science Conference, London, England, July 1992.


"The Effects of Message Valence on Inferential Processes," at Conference of The Association for Consumer Research,  Chicago, Illinois, October 1991.


"Negative Information and Inferential Belief Change," at INSEAD/HEC/ESSEC Research Colloquium, Cergy Pontoise,  France,  February 1991


"On the Practical Usefulness of Meta-Analysis Results," at Marketing Science conference, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois,  March 1990.


"Anticipating Sales Response to Competitor Advertising and Pricing:  An Application of Data Transferability," at ORSA/TIMS Meeting, Denver, Colorado, October 1988





Academic Honors

2006                            CEIBS Teaching Excellence Award

2000                            Franklin Prize for teaching excellence, awarded by SBM faculty, HKUST

1999                            Elected one of ※10 Best Lecturers§ among all university faculty by HKUST undergraduate students.

1987                            AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow

1984                            Outstanding Graduate Student, University of Cincinnati

1980                            Outstanding Retail Student, Miami University







           Grants Awarded

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (DAG02/03.BM58), ※The Effects of Fear Arousing Communications on Memory Storage and Retrieval§

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (DAG01/02.BM44), ※What is Remembered and What is Lost?

            Information Relevance and Memory for Ads Containing Fear Appeals§

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (DAG00/01.BM66), ※Physiological Effects of Fear on Memory

            for Advertising Content§.

RGC Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (HKUST6201/98H), ※Culture and Cognition:              How Cognitive Styles in Chinese and North American Cultures Influence Consumer


RGC Direct Allocation Grant (97/98.BM38), ※Chinese Culture and Consumer Cognition§

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (95/96.BM76), ※Warranty Signals and Bond Credibility:  Can Credibility Hurt More Than it Helps?§

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (94/95.BM49), ※Consumer Interpretations of Warranty            Information:  Cue Ambiguity and Contextual Meaning§ (with N. Dawar)

RGC Direct Allocation Grant (94/95.BM57), ※A Meta-analysis of Meta-analyses in

            Marketing:  Do We Understand What*s Really Going On?§ (with W. Vanhonacker

            and D.R. Lehmann). 

RGC Postgraduate Students Conference/Seminar Grants (94/95.BM01), ※Global Information

            And Telecommunications Industries Forum§




           Published Cases


Published Cases


Nao Bai Jin§ (with Junsong Chen), CEIBS 2005

※Teaching note to Nao Bai Jin§, CEIBS 2005

※Mercedes-Benz and Wuhan Wildlife Park§, (with Junsong Chen), CEIBS 2004.

※Firestone Tires and Ford Explorer SUV*s§, parts (A) and (B), CEIBS, 2003.

※Teaching Notes to Firestone Tires and Ford Explorer SUV*s§, parts (A) and (B), CEIBS, 2003.




           Journalist Interviews


Wall Street Journal, Sierra club magazine, about teaching sustainability in MBA schools, 2010

BizEd, about management education in China (2010), about managing curriculum revision (2011)

Various global media and journalists, about CEIBS MBA program, rankings, etc 2006-present

Southern Metropolis News, on the topic of P&G*s Sk-II Recall, 2006

Asian Wall Street Journal, on the topic of advertising regulation in China, 2005

Shanghai Media Group*s Brainstorm television show, panel member for discussion of crisis

            management, 2005 

South China Morning Post, on the topic of LCD advertising in China, 2004

China Business Post, on the topic of price wars in China, 2004





           Teaching Experience


Undergraduate             Introductory Statistics (recognized for teaching excellence)

                                    Advertising and Promotion Management (recognized for teaching excellence)



MBA                            Marketing Principles

                                    Marketing Strategy (recognized for teaching excellence)

                                    Marketing Research

                                    Advertising and Promotion Management (recognized for teaching excellence)

                                    Group consulting project and internship supervision



EMBA                         Marketing Strategy and Management (Beijing University, HKUST IEMBA,

                                                 and Catholic Univerity of Portugal)

                                    Consumer Behavior (CEIBS, China)

                                    Marketing Research (Kellogg/HKUST, Hong Kong)

                                    Thesis project supervision (CEIBS, China)



MPhil/Ph.D.                 Research Methodology

                                    Consumer Behavior

                                    Fear-Based Communications and Persuasion


Thesis Supervision       Agnes Chan, MPhil, HKUST 2001

                                    Allen Zhang, MPhil, HKUST, 1998


Thesis Committee         Shashank Tripathi, MPhil, HKUST, 1999




Executive Programs

Marketing in China     CEIBS Temasek Program, CEIBS/Nyenrode Rabobank Program;

                                    CEIBS China International Executive Program;

                                    Columbia/Berkeley/London Business School Joint International

                                    EMBA Program, IESE EMBA China Module. 


Marketing Strategy      Astra Zeneca Distributors Program; GE Medical; Schneider Electronics;                                             Kodak; CEIBS Young Executive Program; CEIBS Advanced Marketing

                                    Program; Hewlett-Packard; Apple; INSEAD Asian International Marketing



Marketing Research    Swire Properties; Cyprus International Institute of Management Exec Ed


Communications          CEIBS CEO Program; Swire Properties; Novartis; Hong Kong SAR

And Branding              Government; CEIBS 21st Century Communications Program







           Professional Service


Advisory Board`                                GMAC 2012 Leadership Conference


                                                            Jindal Global Business School, Haryana India




Editorial Review Board                    Journal of Business Research



Ad Hoc Reviewer                              Journal of Economic Psychology

                                                            Journal of Asia Pacific Marketing

                                                            Journal of Consumer Psychology

                                                            Association for Consumer Research conferences

                                                            Society for Consumer Psychology conference

                                                            Society for Consumer Psychology dissertation grant





           Professional Affiliations

International Association of Business Communicators

American Chamber of Commerce

American Marketing Association

Association for Consumer Research

Society of Consumer Psychology (1997-99, Chair of International Committee)




English (native)

French (intermediate)

Mandarin Chinese (advanced beginner)