Dr. Neng Liang  梁能博士


Recent publications:

Michael Useem, Harbir Singh, Neng Liang and Peter Cappelli (2017). Forture Makers-the Leaders Creating China’s Great Global Companies, PublicAffairs.


Jian, Han and Neng Liang (2015). In Their Own Eyes and Voices: The Value of an Executive MBA Program According to Participants, Journal of Management Education.


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Liang, Neng and Lin, Shu. (2009).  再论‘哈佛型病毒’ 发表于《中欧商业评论》ON Harvard-type Virus in MBA teaching cases,” CEIBS Business Review, April. (in  Chinese).


Liang, N. and Useem, M. (2009). Corporate Governance in China, in Handbook of international corporate governance, Institute of Directors, United Kingdom, pp.167-175.


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Liang, N. and Lin, S. (2008). Erroneous Learning from the West? A Narrative analysis of Chinese MBA Cases published in 1992, 1999 and 2003, in Management International Review, 48(5), 603-638.


Liang, N. (2006). 警惕管理教育中的哈佛型病毒”,  发表于《北大商业评论》, Be careful of the Harvard-type virus in management education, in Peking University Business Review. (1): 122-125. (In Chinese)


Liang, N. and Wang, J. (2004). Implicit Mental Models in Teaching Cases: An Empirical Study of Popular MBA Cases in the United States and China, in Academy of Management Learning and Education, 3 (4), 397-413.


Liang, N. (2000). “Two Stories and a Model about Corporate Governance,” in Corporate Governance: Chinese Practices and American Experiences,” Liang N. Ed., People’s University Press, pp. 32-47. 关于公司治理的两个故事和一个模型,发表于“公司治理:中国的实践和美国的经验梁能主编,中国人民大学出版社,2000.


Selected Publications before 2000:


Liang, N. and Parhke, A. (1997). Importer Behavior: The  Neglected Counterpart of International Exchange, Journal of International Business Studies, 28(3): 495-530.


Liang, N. and Stump, R. (1996). Judgmental Heuristics in Overseas Vendor Search and Evaluation: A Proposed Model of Importer Buying Behavior,” The International Executive, 38(6): 779-806.

Liang, N. (1995). Soliciting unsolicited export orders: are recipients chosen at random?, European Journal of Marketing,  29 (8): 37 - 59

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