Emily M. David, Ph.D.


Department of OB/HR

China Europe International Business School

699 Hongfeng Road, Shanghai, P.R.C. 201206

       edavid@ceibs.edu  ½   emily.m.david@gmail.com

 (+86) 185-2100-1271



I.                   EDUCATION


University of Houston                                                                     

Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Dissertation: Examining the Role of Narrative Performance Appraisal Comments on Performance Change


M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Thesis: Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and General Mental Ability: Interactive         

             Influences on Task Performance


Louisiana State University                                                                                                  

B.S., Psychology

B.G.S., General Studies: Minors in Spanish, Sociology, & Business Administration University Medalist and Summa Cum Laude Graduate (GPA: 4.0/4.0)                               




China Europe International Business School (Shanghai, China)

       Assistant Professor of Management, OBHRM Department    July 1, 2016 – Present

       Visiting Professor                                                                September 2015


Zayed University (Dubai, U.A.E.)                                       

Associate Professor of Management, College of Business        June 2015 – August 2015          Discipline Leader of the HR and Management Faculty               August 2014 – August 2015

Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business        August 2011 – June 2015




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2.      Kim, T.-Y., Gilbreath, J. B., & David, E. M., & Kim, S. P. (In Press). Self-verification striving and employee outcomes: The mediating effects of emotional labor of South Korean employees. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. ABDC A-ranked Journal.


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V.                 CONFERENCE PAPERS (Last three years)



1.      David, E. M., Johnson, L. U., Meng, C.-Y., Lopez, T., & Sanchez, J. (2019, October). Stronger Together: Conditional Indirect Effect of Servant Leadership on Transactive Memory Systems. Paper to be presented at the Southern Management Association annual meeting, Norfolk, VA.


2.      David, E. M., Kim, T.-Y., Rodgers, M., & Chen, T. (2018, August). When helping others helps me: Competitive climate and expected reciprocity motives as moderators. Paper presented at the Academy of Management conference, Chicago, IL.


3.      David, E. M., Kim, T.-Y., Farh, J.-L., Lin, X., & Zhou, F. (2018, August). Is ‘be yourself’ always the best advice?: The roles of employee vigor and team ethical climate. Paper presented at the Academy of Management conference, Chicago, IL.


4.      Rodgers, M., Chen, T., & David, E. M. (2018, August). You don’t think I am a leader? The effects of leader identity threat and perceived organizational support on leader behaviors. Paper presented at the Academy of Management conference, Chicago, IL.


5.      David, E., Volpone, S., & Nandialath, A. (2017, August). His & hers: Organizational perceptions predicting expatriate attitudes across the sexes. In Jessika Kirk (Chair), New Considerations on The Relationship Between Women and Their Careers. Symposium presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting, Atlanta, GA.


6.      Graso, M., Decoster, S., David, E., & Camps, J. (2017, August). Antecedents to justice perceptions: Role of global and national identities among mixed culture individuals. In Jing Feng (Chair), Cultural Identity Management in the Mixed Cultural Environment. Symposium presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Winner of the Emerald Best International Symposium Award


7. David, E., Johnson, L., Silva, K., Obasare, R., Olson, M., Bisbey, T., & Rigby, J. (2017, April). Examining the impact of leadership, climate, and personality on safety. Paper presented at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology annual meeting, Orlando, FL. 


VI.              INVITED TALKS

§    BP   Shanghai, China (July, 2017)

§  Women in Leadership

§    CEIBS OB/HR Academic Symposium: Frontiers in Leadership (December, 2016)

§  Emotions Running High: How Leader and Follower Personality Impact Abusive Supervision and Emotional Exhaustion

§    University of Western Australia Brownbag Series (November, 2016)

§  Personality Similarity: When is it Good and when is it Bad?

§    Bayer Shanghai, China (November, 2016)

§  Workplace of the Future: Fostering a Climate of Inclusiveness


VII.           AWARDS


§    Top 40under40 Business School Professors 2019 – Poets&Quants

§    Emerald Best International Symposium Award at AOM (2017)

§    International Teachers Programme (ITP) Alumna (2017)

§    Outstanding Reviewer for AOM conference (2016)

§    1st Runner Up for the College of Business Research Award (2012-2013)

§    Best Doctoral Paper in HR Track at SMA Annual Meeting (2007)

§    Bart Osburn Scholarship (2006-2008)

§    President’s Graduate Fellowship (2006-2008)





§ MBA: Leadership: Developing High Performing Teams and Organizations (ORGB023)

§ DLDP Executive Education Program: Building and Excelling in Leadership

§ WELA Executive Education Program: Women Leadership

§ MBA Bootcamp: Power and Influence

§ MBA: Global Leaders: Successfully Navigating Interpersonal Differences (ORGB016)

§ MBA: Leadership Journey

§ MBA: Organizational Behavior (ORGB005), 3 Sections

§ EMBA: Organizational Behavior Core Course (ORGB005), 6 Sections

§ MBA: Managing Diversity for Global Success (ORGB008)


IX.              SERVICE


§  Academic Director, Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa (WELA) China Module (2019)

§  Faculty Coordinator, CEIBS “Aged to Perfection: Benefits from An Inactive Population” Research Fund in Honor of Dr. Gerard van Schaik (2018-2019)

§  SIOP Education and Training Committee member (2018-2019)

§  Ad-Hoc Reviewer for Human Resource Management

§  Mentor for the e7 “Banat El Emarat” female empowerment program (2015)

§  Reviewer for the Academy of Management (2007- present) and SIOP (2011-present) annual meetings




§ Academy of Management (AOM)

§ Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)