Advanced Management Programme – Europe (Modular)

Start Date: November 28th, 2019
VenueCEIBS Zurich | Hirsackerstrasse 46, CH-8810 Horgen, Switzerland
Earn a certificate in Advanced Management in Zurich from CEIBS-ranked #5 globally by the Financial Times in 2019.


The Chinese economy is playing an increasingly significant role in the global economy. In response to the wave of economic globalisation and the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese companies are expanding their global reach at an unprecedented pace. How can you gain insights into the global economic landscape and the role of the Chinese economy? How can you deal with the irresistible trends for the digital and smart economy in China and the world at large? How can you promote cross-cultural organisational and leadership development? Both executives of the Chinese companies that are going global and their global partners need to keep their mind open.

Target Participants

  • Overseas branch directors and expatriate executives from Chinese companies.
  • Executives of overseas enterprises acquired or invested in Chinese companies.
  • European executives who partner with Chinese companies or expect to learn more about the Chinese economy or market.
  • Executives of companies with a deep footprint in China or those who would like to develop a strategy to increase their footprint.

Programme Fee

Standard: USD 18,000 / person; USD 22,500 (with elective module in China)

  • Courses will be taught in English.
  • Participants who complete the programme will become CEIBS alumni.
  • Special prices may be available for CEIBS alumni or companies sending multiple participants.

Programme Fee includes tuition, case licensing fees, lunches, other course materials, but excludes the travel cost during the progamme. The full fee must be paid within two weeks upon receipt of the payment notice. Applications made within 30 days of the start of a programme require immediate payment.

Contact us

Carol Fuzzard
Senior Programme Manager
Direct: +41 44 728 99 84

*CEIBS reserves the right to amend information on this programme, including the price, date, venue, faculty, daily schedule and other details. All rights reserved for CEIBS.

Module 1

Insights into China and the World at Large in the Context of Globalisation: Macroeconomic Trends and Company Strategy (November 28th, 29th, 30th, 2019)

  • Global Economy and Role of the Chinese Economy
  • China’s Macroeconomic Trends and Policy in the New Era
  • China’s National Strategy for Globalisation and Corporate Globalisation
  • Company Strategy in Light of External and Internal Environment
  • Developing Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Module 2

Improving Financial Planning and Risk Control: Company Finance, Investment and M&A (February 6th, 7th, 8th, 2020)

  • Interpreting Financial Statements: Managerial Accounting for Non-Financial Executives
  • Capital Market, Investment Decisions, and Financial Reports
  • Corporate Internal Control and Risk Management
  • Chinese Companies’ Overseas M&A: Opportunities and Risk Control

Module 3

Links to Digital Technology and Smart Business: New Marketing, and Corporate Innovation and Transformation (April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2020)

  • Framework for Marketing Strategy and Latest Developments
  • Digital Marketing: O2O, Ecosystem Establishment, and Content and Community Marketing
  • Developing Innovative Thinking and Marshaling Resources for Innovation
  • Companies’ Digital and Smart Transformation
  • Identifying Opportunities: Digital and Smart Technologies in China

Module 4

Building a Competitive Organisation: Leadership and Organisational Development (June 10th, 11th, 12th, 2020)

  • Leadership in the Ever-Changing Times
  • Leaders’ Thinking and Leadership Skills
  • Leadership and Organisational Development
  • Globalised Enterprises’ Cross-Cultural Organisational Development: Core Values, Institutional Planning, and Talent Development

Module 5

China Immersion Programme (Late August, 2020)

  • Chinese Economy and Chinese Culture
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • Digital Economy in China
  • Doing business in China: Partnering
  • Company visit at Lufax (Fintech), Wecan (Technology), Hema (E-commerce)

Programme Co-Directors

  • Dr. Katherine Xin

Professor of Management;
Bayer Chair in Leadership;
Associate Dean (Europe);
Co-Director of Centre for Globalisation of Chinese Companies, CEIBS


  • Dr. Robert Straw


Core Faculty

  • Dr. Ramakrishna Velamuri

Professor of Entrepreneurship;
Chengwei Ventures Chair in Entrepreneurship, CEIBS


  • Dr. Bala Ramasamy

Professor of Economics,
Associate Dean, CEIBS


  • Dr. Hua Zhang

Associate Professor of Finance,
Co-Director of Centre for Globalisation of Chinese Companies, CEIBS


  • Dr. Han Ming Daniel Chng

Associate Professor of Management, CEIBS