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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

European Investment Opportunities

March 31, 2015. Shanghai – CEIBS alumni learned about the investment environment in various European countries during a seminar titled European Investment Policies and Laws that was jointly organized by the CEIBS Alumni International Trade and Property Rights Club, the Association for Chinese Lawyers in Europe and the law firm Jincheng, Tongda & Neal. The seminar was held at the offices of Jincheng, Tongda & Neal and the law firm’s director, Mr. Zhao Ping, who is also Secretary General of the CEIBS International Trade and Property Rights Club, moderated. Speakers included:

- Dr. Zhang Shaohui, President of the Association for Chinese Lawyers in Europe, who introduced the ACLE and spoke about the legal and investment environment in Luxembourg;
- Mr. Gu Qun, who practices law in Sweden, spoke about Swedish regulations that apply to Chinese companies investing in Sweden;
- Ms. Lin Man, who practices law in Portugal, presented the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme and the PLMJ “golden visa” group;
- DS Avocats Partner Mr. Hu Xinyu spoke about mergers among failing European companies;
- ACLE Vice President Mr. Bai Junyi, who practices law in Italy, spoke about opportunities for Chinese investors in Italy;
- Mr. Zhu Yifan of Norr, Stiefenhofer, Lutz spoke about tax structures for transnational acquisitions.