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EMBA/FMBA/GEMBA/EE Class Coordinator(上海、北京、深圳常年招聘)


Report to: Program Manager     Work Type: Full-time   

Job Responsibilities: 

  1.     Class Management and coordination;
  2.     Teaching management and coordination to courses when needed;
  3.     Events and projects planning and organizing;
  4.     Program administration system support;
  5.     Admission support when needed;
  6.     Other functions and Dept. support within CEIBS when needed.

Job Requirements:

  1.     5+ years working experience in administration function;
  2.     Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills;
  3.     Strong coordination skills;
  4.     Customer service oriented;
  5.     High ethical standard;
  6.     Mature, team-player, energetic;
  7.     Detail-orientated, high sense of responsibility;
  8.     English proficiency and good commend of computer, power point and access are particular.   

Please send your application files to fdavid@ceibs.edu.