Development Research Center of the State Council (DRCnet)

DRCnet is the information website of Development Research Centre of State Council (DRC) It is an online platform for economic, financial and industry reports released by the DRC. The education version of DRCnet is especially designed for the users in universities. It consists of the database of the statistics database, the database of research reports, and full text database. CEIBS Library purchased the following sub-databases:

  • Full-Text Database:

DRC viewpoint, Macroeconomics, Finance in China, Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, Successful Cases of Enterprises, Decision Reference of Higher Education Administration, Reviews of World Economy

  • Statistics Database:

World Economics Databases, Macroeconomic Database, Regional Economics Database, Key Industry Database

  • Research Report Database:

China's Financial Analysis Reports, Macroeconomic Analysis Reports, International Financial Reports, China Financial Reports, FinTech Report, Green Financial Reports, Investment and Financing Reports, Banking Reports, Insurance Reports, Security Reports, Trust Reports, Future Reports

LANGUAGE: Chinese, part in English

TIME RANGE: 1985-current

UPDATE: daily


    Click "e-database" button on the web page of CEIBS library and then click the link of "China Development Review" to enter.
    The DRC Report Database has embodied all investigation and research reports, which were released since 1985 and written by over one hundred national experts. It covers various aspects of economic and social development in China. It is now a domestically famous database equipped with article-integrity indexing function.

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