CEIC Data (Web CDM)

CEIC Data Offers more than 110,000 Asian economic data covering 15 countries. The topics covering National Accounts, Production, Sales, Orders, Inventory & shipments, Construction and Property, Government and Public Finance, Demographic and Labour Market, Domestic Trade and Household Survey, Inflation, Foreign Trade & Balance of Payments, Monetary, Banking Statistics, Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates, Investment, Prices, Tourism, Business and Economic Survey, Transport and Telecommunication, Financial Market. The web edition of CEIC Data (Web CDM) is released and can fulfill the most of the requirements compared to the terminal edition.

You can also create a personal CEIC account by using your CEIBS email to keep records. Please keep in mind to log out after using.

Any problems, please contact us at :
Tel: 28905243 28905245