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Assistant Marketing&Media&Brand Manager-上海浦东-00303



I.  Major Responsibilities

  1. Support Project Manager in developing the yearly brand promotion plan of CEIBS E-Platform as a knowledge provider in Entrepreneurship field;
  2. Develop the media plan for admission & marketing purposes of CELC & CVCC programs;
  3. Support events team to develop and cultivate relationship & cooperation with external media partners;
  4. Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners to produce the videos for branding & program promotion;
  5. Edit the social media content and monitor Marketing Assistant to maintain the wechat public accounts;
  6. Other related tasks assigned by Project Manager.

    II.  Basic Requirements 

  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. A minimum of 4-year work experience in Media / Marketing / Agency / MNC background preferred;
  3. Strong knowledge of social media sites;
  4. Creative, excellent communication and writing skills will be a plus;
  5. Highly motivated and hard-working;
  6. Mature, team-oriented and energetic.
  7. Fluent in both oral and written Chinese and English.

Motivated candidates please send resume and cover letter to fdavid@ceibs.edu.


中欧创业营旨在发现中国最具潜力的创业人才,通过提供最优质的创业管理指导,帮助他们提升个人格局、开拓国际视野, 搭建创业资源与投资资源整合平台。课程紧密围绕创业者的痛点问题,以创新思维为主旨,内容将涵盖精益创业、创业战略 与平台化思维、组织创新与激励、资本创新,拓展创业视野等创业者最关注的核心内容。课程除了特邀多位中欧知名教授担 纲授课之外,还力邀众多全球顶级创业导师、企业家、投资人及行业专家走进课堂联袂授课。升级版课程还特别安排了四大 海外模块,并在毕业后,与创业营第八期,创投营第三、第四期共训戈壁模块,通过深度探访全球最活跃的创新生态圈代表 性企业,直接对话领军创业者,帮助学员开拓全球视野,把脉创新发展趋势和创业的最新机会。