Founded on November 1, 2008 in Xiamen, the CEIBS Alumni Fujian Chapter was the 30th chapter established under the auspices of the CEIBS Alumni Association. Currently, the chapter has over 100 Fujian alumni, and serves as a platform for alumni gatherings, communication, sharing and mutual help. The President is Ms. Ying Haizhen (Xiamen Chengtun Mining Group Co., Ltd.), and the Secretary-General is Mr. Cao Ping (Xiamen Dancing Wolves Apparel Co., Ltd.). The chapter organises regional forums in Xiamen in March or April each year, aiming to facilitate communication and co-operation, promote communication amongst alumni, and amplify the impact of CEIBS. The chapter hosts a special event for Fujian alumni and their families in September each year. The chapter also invited alumni from other chapters to attend the Mid-Autumn Bo Bing Party and experience the unique Bo Bing culture in Fujian. (Note: Bo Bing is a centuries-old gambling game traditionally played as part of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Fujian.)