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Zurich Campus Gets a Makeover

~ Fresh. Modern. Innovative.

Volume 3, 2017

By Lukas Tonetto

CEIBS Zurich Campus, the Zurich Institute of Business Education, has grown – in every aspect. The team has grown, we have expanded the range of what we can offer, and the number of managers we train is continuously increasing. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before we started a large-scale renovation, expanding our main campus and beginning an ambitious development of the old waterworks building in Horgen.

After having renovated both auditoriums in our main campus last year, this summer we modernised the lobby, as well as all the group study rooms. We created additional office space next to the entrance by redesigning the reception area, and the newly designed front desk allows us to serve our customers even better. Meanwhile, in the empty space behind the front desk, we have made room for an additional work station.

A glass-enclosed area with three new offices is the hallmark of the lobby which, true to our exchange-and-communication-based philosophy, is spacious enough to allow interaction between participants during coffee breaks.

In addition to the main campus’ makeover the nearby waterworks building (acquired four years ago as part of plans to further expand the then LIBZ) will be renovated and converted into high standard, modern, class and conference rooms. Like the actual campus, the industrial building that dates back to the 1920s is located directly on the lakeshore. The renovation will transform the building into a space for learning, continuing the theme of interaction. Gone are the impersonal, traditional halls, the auditoriums. The Zurich Institute of Business Education plans on building flexible class and meeting rooms, reflecting the idea of teaching through interaction between participants, lecturers and faculty, and not a one-way exchange of knowledge delivered by an instructor standing in front of a class. 

In addition, the modernised waterworks building will offer three additional multi-media class- and conference rooms that can be rented by corporations for workshops, board meetings and other functions.

The CEIBS Zurich Campus has changed considerably in the past two years and we wanted to reflect this change in its appearance – everything is fresh, modern and innovative.

This includes the freshly renovated group study rooms in the main campus. They have been re-equipped and the old floors have been restored under the guidance of a specialised furnishing consultant – a true renovation from the ground up, all the way to the lighting concept. We finished off the renovation with an upgrade of our audio-visual equipment.

It’s hard not to enjoy learning in an atmosphere like this!