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Zhen Xiao: Opportunities for Business

Volume 4, 2017

CEO, Swiss Centers China

~ Zurich, October 18

“In October 2016, the central government released its China Health Plan 2030 – the first time a medium to long-term strategic plan has been developed for the healthcare sector at the national level.

In the healthcare plan, China set targets for 2030: life expectancy should be improved from 76.3 years to 79 years, the infant mortality rate should be reduced from 8.1 to five per 1,000 births, the rate of premature death caused by major chronic diseases shall be reduced by 30%, and an RMB6 trillion healthcare industry should be developed. The actions in this plan are carefully structured, with five main tasks. One: The healthy living forum, which is about public education on health and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Two: Optimise health services to ensure access to public health resources, improve treatment of chronic disease and medical care delivery, create more home-based family services, and develop traditional Chinese medicine. Three: Improve health security by improving the medical insurance system and ensuring the security of the drug supply. Four: Build a healthy environment by preventing pollution, monitoring health, public health and the environment, and ensure food and drug safety. Five: Develop a healthcare industry that includes the medical and the pharma industry, as well as service providers, including fitness, sports, tourism, digitalisation and internet-related business.

It’s worth noting here that in the plan it clearly states: To further open up the medical sector to foreign investors. Until now it has not been possible for a foreign investor to set up a 100% foreign-owned hospital, however today in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone – where Swiss Centers has a facility – you already have special policies which allow 100% foreign-owned hospitals and clinics; this is an opportunity for service providers.

For Swiss looking at this plan, there are many business opportunities. Since Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system with renowned medical centres, hospitals, and clinics, China can learn many things from Switzerland. Swiss healthcare professionals can also contribute to and benefit from China’s evolving healthcare market.”