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President Li Mingjun: CEIBS Promotes Cooperation between Chinese and UK Companies

Volume 4, 2017

~ London, July 6

“This is an opportune moment in history. It is a golden era for China-UK relations. The UK, the world’s fifth largest economy, with its favourable investment climate and substantial trading advantages, is a major destination for investment from China and Chinese companies. And it is anticipated that China’s Belt & Road Initiative will further enhance collaboration between the two countries.

We stand ready to do all we can to boost the extensive ties that already exist between China and the UK, particularly the collaboration between companies on both sides, to facilitate innovation-driven development and shared prosperity. And this is why we chose London, one of the world’s leading financial, shipping and service centres, as the first of five stops for CEIBS Europe Forum 2017.

The CEIBS Europe Forum 2017 series of events is being held under the theme of “China’s Belt & Road Initiative: New Opportunities for European Countries to Benefit from China’s Economic Boom”. In a few days we will be in Paris, in September we will be in Warsaw and Munich, and later in the year we will be in Zurich.

Today, here in London, you will hear from high-level officials, authoritative experts, senior investors, and Chinese entrepreneurs. They will share their extensive knowledge accumulated from the front lines of commercial and corporate collaborations between Europe and China. They will also discuss the Belt & Road Initiative’s implications for the UK, and share their views on investment trends. Some of the information presented today will also be from extensive research done by one of CEIBS’ research centres, the Center for Globalisation of Chinese Companies.

Established in 1994 as a joint venture between China and the European Union, CEIBS has evolved into an internationally accredited global institution. We have bases in five locations across three continents and offer programmes in many more. We began with one campus in Shanghai – China’s economic hub. Today we also have campuses in Beijing – China’s political centre – Zurich in Switzerland, and Accra in Ghana, as well as a teaching centre in Shenzhen to China’s south. We have faculty from around the world and more than 19,000 alumni spread across 80+ countries.

We continue to work with our academic and corporate partners across the globe to enhance mutual understanding as we provide a bridge that connects China with the rest of the world. This is why, for example, earlier this year we launched the Economic Research Institute of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a programme that will help key talent from Chinese companies prepare for taking their companies global. In all we do, we are guided by the CEIBS mission of educating socially responsible business leaders. Our goal is to become the most respected international business school by linking East and West in teaching, research, and business practice and by promoting China’s social and economic development through high-impact knowledge creation and dissemination.

Today’s event will go a long way in helping us achieve these goals. Our aim is to provide a platform that can integrate business resources on both sides and promote cooperation between Chinese and UK companies. It is our hope that our discussions will help foster greater understanding and collaboration between China and the UK, between companies and between people.”